Vim launches a satirical campaign to get men to own household chores

Vim Black campaign
Vim Black campaign

Vim onboards Milind Soman for its latest campaign ‘Vim Black,’ which takes a jab at men boasting about ordinary chores.

Vim’s latest campaign has become the talk of the town. The brand launched a product exclusively for men titled – ‘Vim Black’. The purpose of this product was to target men and generate conversations. The product went live across e-commerce stores and HUL’s own D2C channel. 

To promote this new launch, the dishwashing brand later released a campaign in three phases. 

The Big Idea 

For the first phase of the campaign, the brand launched a video laced with sarcasm and wit taking a jab at men who brag about doing the bare minimum and ‘helping’ out women in doing chores. The advertisement featured popular actor Milind Soman.

It was followed by two advertisements that featured men, who bragged about doing dishes.

The campaign soon started generating conversations on social media, as netizens questioned the brand over the move. There were also several voices on the need for equality in household chores and whether the campaign was a step in the right direction. 

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Lifting the curtains 

The next phase came when the brand revealed the actual message behind the campaign, stating that although the Vim Black launch was a joke, the message of men owning chores at home was serious.

Influencer marketing collabs

To further amplify the campaign, the brand onboarded influencers who participated in an unboxing of the new dishwashing liquid. 

With this campaign, the brand used an existing stereotype of black-coloured products being associated with men, to generate conversations on the female stereotype of chores being a women’s job.