How Dairy Milk Silk seizes Valentine’s Day with heart-warming campaigns

Dairy Milk Silk

Since love is in the air, we prepare for an endearing affair between Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk and the youthful lovers, where the marketing campaigns play cupid and strike an arrow to create the desire for Silk, as an assertion of affection.

With a brand positioning that gets recalled as the expression of romance, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk has accustomed itself to the love language of springtime endearment. Here, we go through its marketing strategy and campaigns that became synonymous with infinite love.

Silk has attuned itself to the diction of contemporary charm, and the recent rebranding finetuned it further. The bold letter ‘S’ displayed across all Silk variants also represents the infinity sign and the amount of love waiting to be shared over a bar of Silk. The mold designs of the chocolate carry an ‘S’ engraving across every cube of the Silk. The rebranded version was revealed with a brand campaign that includes various dialects of the new language of love.

The New Language Of Love

Anil Viswanathan, from Mondelez mentioned in an older conversation, “The new generation of consumers are constantly on the lookout for richer, innovative and fulfilling experiences that make their everyday moments special.”

This consumer insight has been a constant stem supporting the marketing strategy.

All campaigns by the brand present the joy of little things and the lengths lovers go to for their love. ‘How Far Will You Go For Love?’ is one such campaign that exhibits six short tales of partners leaping bounds and crossing unexpected hindrances for their love. The series was distributed in the short-video and bumper ad formats. The campaign was launched with Valentine’s Day around the corner augmenting the butterflies awaiting to boom love.

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The campaign featured various personalities we come across and may relate to in different walks of life. Remarking on the campaign Anil said, “Being synonymous with Valentine’s Day for almost a decade, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk has been inspiring consumers to celebrate the season of romance and making the day count in their love story.”

The Extra Mile For Love

The integration of advanced technology continues to be a significant element in the campaigns by Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk. During the pandemic, the brand collaborated with Spotify India, to create an experiential audio experience that revives the nostalgia of curated mixtapes, and songs helping a lover confess their feelings.

The digital experience was created through Spotify’s API and Streaming Intelligence that would target listeners through audio and video ads and they were led to this microsite by clicking the ads. The user could then send a specially curated playlist to their loved ones.

The integration of technology in creative storytelling has been further augmented in the brand’s 2023 campaign. ‘Unforgettable Love Tips’ is a tech-integrated campaign that suggests new and affectionate ways to spend time with lovers upon scanning a QR Code. The love tips were shared by popular creators from different genres such as music, travel, etc. The tips were also blended with a consensual touch to maintain the well–being of healthy relationships.

Nitin Saini, Vice President – Marketing, Mondelez India, “Valentine’s Day has always been a special occasion for Mondelez India, and Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk has become a symbol of love and romance amongst the youth of India. Cognizant of the perennial pressure of crafting the perfect Valentine’s Day experience, our goal is to strike a chord by helping consumers turn it into one of the most memorable days for their loved ones while sensitizing them about being in healthy love”.

With over a decade of affirming itself as the symbol of love, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk has become synonymous with affection as the timeless expression of love.