A tale of nostalgia, mythology & scenic beauty – Torani’s stitches of marketing!


Social Samosa takes a look at how designer label Torani is serving Indian heritage and heirlooms wrapped in storytelling, in a glitzy fashionable way.

Indian designer label Torani, started by Karan Torani, stepped into the fashion world by posting a few photos on Instagram back in 2018. Amidst big-shot designers and their larger-than-life portrayal of Indian attires, Torani took the nostalgia route and made storytelling the centre of every campaign. 

Torani operates in the $1.53 billion luxury fashion category and it is expected to grow annually by 1.36% (CAGR 2023-2027).

Social Samosa takes a deep dive into how designer brand Torani’s social media strategy, which relies on simplicity, Indian lineage, and old-school aesthetics, and connects a luxury brand with the everyday audience. 

Torani’s Visual Storytelling

The Fashion Industry’s communication has always given a certain ‘editorial’ or ‘luxurious’ vibe. Unlike labels like Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi which operate in the same space, Torani takes a different approach by giving history to their products through visual storytelling in their campaigns. 

The man behind the label, Karan, was born in Bhopal and his grandmother shaped his aesthetic, which is mirrored in his storytelling. He heard folklore as his grandma put him to sleep, which increased his fondness for fascinating tales of Hindu gods.

One such divine tale was about Airavata. The seven-trunked white elephant that flies in the skies and showers rain with Lord Indra. It was one of those many characters that created a lasting impression on his mind and somehow became a symbol of nostalgia and the brand’s logo.

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The brand’s campaigns have also stories woven with Indian traditions, mythology, monuments, rituals, crafts and more. Apart from traditional and ancient aspects, Torani’s campaigns have a pattern of breaking societal taboos and stigmas. 

In 2020, the brand’s Jamali Kamali campaign, a menswear line talked about the secret love story of a homosexual couple in the Mughal era.

In 2022, the brand tapped into old-fashioned Indian weddings and preparations with its line ‘Sindhi Tent House’. This campaign brought back the great Indian shaadi packed with a bandwala, orchestra, buffet, garlands made with currency notes and more.

Torani’s latest collection and campaign titled ‘Mithyaa – Seven Sacred Sins’ takes a look at how lawmakers have tainted women and their desires and more. This campaign features digital creators like Seema Anand (@seemaanandstorytelling), Sobia Ameen (@sobia93), Trinetra (@trintrin), celebrity makeup artist COCO (@cocoballucci_), and more.

Torani often ropes in Indian celebrities and social media influencers in their campaigns. By featuring digital creators, the brand has seemingly integrated itself into the digital space which has resonated well with the consumers. 

Their campaigns have tried to get representation right and give voice to repressed topics through fashion and storytelling. 

The brand’s colour includes a palette of sun, sea, foam, and clay colours.

Social Media Playbook

Torani’s marketing journey started on Instagram by launching their first digital campaign. A pattern that is visible throughout their campaigns is that the brand keeps the storytelling of each campaign in the forefront, keeping branding to a menial or at the very end. 

Just like their campaigns have a way of connecting and grabbing onto nostalgia through different means, their social media strategy seems to do the same. 

The brand’s Instagram has a column titled ‘Torani Tales’ that documents and educates the audience on the various topics the brand’s campaigns have taken inspiration from.

Torani’s Instagram also takes inspiration from iconic Indian movie characters and celebrities that fit well with their communication. This section of the social media is titled Torani India and Torani Muse.

Torani’s core marketing and branding strategy is threading through stories that either take a trip down memory lane or give words to unspeakable stories. By purely relying on digital and aesthetic narration, the brand has broken through the clutter and brought high fashion to the digital space.