ShareChat launches a certification program for marketers and advertisers

ShareChat Learning Hub

ShareChat Learning Hub is free-of-cost, self-paced certification program for advertisers, marketers and businesses and aims to reach an ‘uncharted’ Bharat and young India.

ShareChat, India’s multilingual social media platform, has launched ShareChat Learning Hub, a comprehensive certification program specially designed for marketers, advertisers and brands.

The idea behind launching this free-of-cost, self-paced learning program is to enable brands to leverage ShareChat & Moj’s network of more than 400 million MAUs to reach an ‘uncharted’ Bharat and young India (Gen Z & millennials) audiences and create high-performing campaigns that drive great results.

It also aims to highlight the immense potential of short-form videos to drive campaign messaging in a differentiated manner for young India. 

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As the social media ecosystem is evolving, the Bharat audience is becoming larger, more addressable, and imperative for the growth of brands. In light of this, the online program is suitable for entry to senior-level managers, social media professionals and entrepreneurs who can sign up for free and earn a shareable certificate upon completion. 

Commenting on the launch of the program, Udit Sharma, Chief Revenue Officer, ShareChat & Moj said, “As the preferred content destination for Bharat, we understand the pulse of diverse language-first Indian users and young India. ShareChat Learning Hub is a step towards enabling brands, advertisers and marketers to deploy our comprehensive ad formats and content innovations that have been designed keeping in mind the media consumption behaviour of Bharat and Gen-Z audiences on ShareChat and Moj.”

The course will also provide a step-by-step guide on using ShareChat and Moj’s advertising dashboard, will offer a structured learning experience and keep track of class performance through practice tests and quizzes. 

Over 200 brands including Airtel, Pepsi, Realme, Godrej, ITC Ltd. have already collaborated with ShareChat for its native ad campaigns and immersive ad formats to reach their audience and grow their business.