Here are the top 20 consumer trends to watch in 2023 as per Meta

Culture Rising Trends Report

The 2023 trends report emphasises emerging trends and details analysis of how people’s values have evolved and what brands can expect in the future.

Meta has recently launched its ‘Culture Rising Trends Report’ with a key focus on how people’s values have evolved in the past year and what brands can expect in 2023.

As marketers and people face uncertainty and global instability, it has been reflected in the way global conversations are spiking around frugality and financial intelligence. Throughout the report, Meta has noted whether the growth is happening on Facebook or Instagram and how the conversation has grown over the past year.

The report highlights four major segments namely – Exploratory identities, Refined relationships, Assertive aspirations and Lived values, that has been observed in the last year and the trends to expect in 2023.

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Here are some of the key highlights from the report.

Exploratory Identities

People are exploring identity as they discuss bodily integrity, redefine middle age, embrace fluidity across cultures and demonstrate how food can connect us – be it Snickers salad or stinky tofu. This means brands need to ensure that people feel seen, represented and supported. In marketing, this can mean striving for authentic representation across diverse audiences, amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities to connect with people personally.

Refined relationships

People are putting their whole journeys out there, whether they’re going on a blind date or declaring their love. Brands need to work on expanding their circle and resonate with new audiences. Developing an innovative AR experience or including creators into the mix could be a good starting point. 

Assertive aspirations

Globally, people are asserting (and often acting on) new aspirations around mental wellness, meaningful work, home improvements, nonstop fitness, money matters and more. Brands can draw inspiration from the causes that they champion or their unique personality. Uplifting with entertainment or providing expert tips, from money matters to mental wellness across the marketing funnel through reels or instant messaging can help.

Lived values

People’s values are evolving, along with the dedication to living them. They are collectively seeking new comfort in old places, calling for action around basic rights, saving time (when shopping) and navigating planetary anxiety. Now, they increasingly expect a brand to know what it stands for and to live those values, from sustainable production to inclusive marketing. And people are increasingly open to brands helping them close the gap to living their own values – especially without compromising on price.

You can access the full report here: Meta Culture Rising 2023 Trends Report