Social Media Case Study: Carnival Mauritius by Carnival Media

Brand Name:

Carnival Media

Agency Name:

PostBox Communications


  • Brand-“Carnival Mauritius” was organized by Carnival Media for all those who are fans of the Bollywood Superstar -Rajesh Khanna…
  • TG of the brand was 18 and older, across Mauritius. It was no surprise that this TG was spending a more of time online.
  • Positioning of the brand was based on remembering the superstar and his memorable hits.
  • The challenge was to extend the positioning of the brand on online media and create buzz.
  • Also look at social media to engage with the Youth TG


  • Creating Twitter Handle for the Event
  • Creating Awareness vis Micro blogs and Social Networking Sites
  • Engaging Influencers with Rajesh Khanna Bollywood Movie Hits
  • Highlights of the event



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