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Social Media Agency Feature: PostBox Communications

Who are we?

PostBox Communications is an Out of the Box Agency, specializing in social media (marketing and management), designs and creative’s- web, graphics and marketing, print solutions and basically everything related to marketing and brand building... We excel in visual communications and swear by delivering the best of services in the least amount of time and cost, without compromising on quality to the least bit.

PostBox thrives on the ethics and principles of innovation, creativity, talent, creative direction, experience and excellence in all the services and products we deliver. Being a young, proactive and purely result oriented organization, our team brings with them a magnitude of relevant experience from a wide array of industries to ensure our clients get the desired results which will bring a brand to the forefront.

Director’s at PostBox Communications:

Rakesh Shah

Bootstrapped his first company Dreamz Net Solutions, which provided services like web & mobile designing and development. Rakesh has worked with high-end brands, startups big and small and has since then consistently been providing them an exceptional quality of service and consultation.

You can connect with him here

Ashish Gandhi

Ashish’s world revolves around creative and innovative ideas, ad campaigns, social media challenges, and doing the undone... making him the Art Director at PostBox Communications. As a person Ashish is all about perfection and excellence with a profound passion in art and designing. Ashish firmly believes in setting up a well rooted, creative and dynamic core team which is the essence of a budding organization.

An Open Networker on LinkedIn and very active in Discussions and Groups.

The Fantastic PostBox Team

Deepesh, Dipal, Girish, Lokesh, Manish, Mukesh, Sagar, Shristhi, Subroto, Toral, Varun, Vithal, Santhosh

PostBox Communications Team - Social Media Agency Feature

What's in the name?

The PostBox was one of the foremost modes of communication going all the way back to the 16th Century. The PostBox was for the masses and can be used by one and all and is the most convenient and cost efficient form of sending a message across seven seas and continents.

We couldn’t think of a more apt name than Postboxcommunication since that’s what we do... we communicate... in any mode, form, language or gesture... it’s the only thing which brings the world together and can make or break a relationship... a company... or a brand... knowing how and what to communicate... is the most integral part of any brand.

We do the same... by helping brands and companies to communicate via an online medium or through their corporate branding and marketing... Whether the brand requires to shout out loud online, whisper or stay silent (but noticed)... we help them get established, connected and always visible.

Our parent company is Private Limited and known as Raincheck Networks which is symbolic of us doing anything you need us to do... if not now, definitely when we’ve mastered your requirements.

What we do?

  • Social Media Management
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Responsive Web Designs
  • Mobile Web Designs
  • Mobile Applications
  • iPAD Web Applications
  • Branding & Identity Systems
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • BTL Activity Ideation
  • Presentation Templates
  • Content Management Systems
  • Interactive Presentations
  • User Interaction Design (UX)

Why we do it?

It’s who we are... it’s us... social media being our blood and advertising our bones. We cant stop the blood flowing through us or live without bones to make us stop doing it.

Social Media, Online Branding & Advertising is our core for 4 simple reasons:

  1. We’re passionate and dedicated about it
  2. We have the expertise
  3. We’re excellent at it
  4. Which is why we love it!!!??

How we evolve?

Social Media is a platform where there’s something new every day. Research with lots of reading daily helps us gain knowledge and know-how. Social Media and advertising is not only a means to promote and showcase brands, it’s more of engaging and communicating with target audience and potential customers/clients. We’re constantly learning and following brands that we would love to work with and simultaneously, on what their competitors do to accordingly come up with a brand strategy we would like to offer them. With these basics, we have come a very long way in a short span of time and hopefully keep on with the momentum.

Social responsibility in social media

Honesty is the first chapter.

From very first day of our work we believe in executing with a humble, truthful and fruitful way. We believe in being ourselves instead pretending to be what we aren’t, which helps us to communicate with a client more precisely and develop trust which equals to a good long time relationship. Our initiative for this year is saving paper. We use lots of paper for designing, taking notes, etc... and make it a point to only use paper which organizations have discarded. Most multi-nationals don’t see the importance of paper and the cost it has to the company. What we do, is have a tie-up with a multi-national, where we take all their junk paper ever month... sit in our office 1 day a month and make books out of 1 side used paper.

Simultaneously, our office for the design house is made of mainly glass and white-board/Formica (including the tables and walls). All our ideation, thoughts, project details... the works... are all jotted down on these... it’s quite a fun thing...

Need of the hour

Whilst starting up with any new project or task it’s really crucial to understand their needs and making the clients understand the workings in brief. Normally, clients focus on only “hits” their brand will get; here it becomes important to make them understand that it’s necessary to reach the correct TG, understand, engage, and communicate with them rather than anyone and everyone. It’s like trying to sell a fairness cream to a foreigner in Goa who enjoys getting a tan. At the end of day “likes” and “hits” will automatically be generated.

This is what’s important when creating Social awareness for a brand and managing their accounts... “Knowing what they NEED before they WANT it.”

We learned the hard way

“Slow but steady doesn’t always win the race... but it sure makes the turtle more favoured...”

We started fast and have grown even faster... Though we’re situated only in Mumbai (growing not so slowly), we have an international clientele as well. We believe that expansion is vital, but at same time proper planning, strategizing and having a firm, rock-solid foundation is essential. We’ve reached a market level we want to... but are now going to slow down a bit and make our foundations solid.

We have been a part of this Internet & Mobile Application Development world for almost 10 years now and have learnt one major lesson... “The more honest, transparent and true you are towards your clients, the more you will succeed.”

Honesty and trust are keys to success. Our clients are our family.

Did we just share that?

This is something that makes us happy and proud more than anything else... it was funny at that point of time... but we loved it for what it made us realize as an organization.

We had an early morning meeting with a potential client and we were super excited. They we’re punctual (such a refreshing thing) and as always were offered the usual water, tea, coffee, biscuits... To our absolute pleasurable surprise... they grinned and asked for “Khaali Faafda ane Jalebi” seeing that our Creative Director and most of the employees were Gujarati as well.

Panic stricken, we ran helter-skelter to a famous shop and in 20 mins the entire office was enjoying the impromptu office breakfast moment of “Faafda ane Jalebi”.

We absolutely loved how our clients, without even working with us, felt comfortable and at home in the family circle. There were no formalities, and that’s something we are so proud of and love them for even more. We hope all our clients feel the same!!!

P.S.: “Faafda ane Jalebi” is now our breakfast meeting staple.

They work with us

  • Mahindra Construction Equipment (Mahindra EarthMaster)
  • RoopSangam Sarees
  • Sivaana Spa
  • Palm and Musician Expo (Diversified Communications)
  • Mainland China
  • Center One Mall
  • BKT- BAL Krishna Tyres
  • Reliance Communications
  • BhartiAxa
  • HDFC
  • Zee Learn
  • Garfield Baby
  • ICICI Prudential
  • Amore- Gourmet Gelato
  • Oh! Calcutta
  • Machaan
  • Mostly Kababs
  • Elder Health Care Ltd
  • 2XL Furniture & Home Décor

Industry as we foresee

Social Media and Advertising are on a roll and never going to stop... it’s a dynamic, future means of communications. Every sector needs it and has accepted it. Without ones presence in a Social Media form... a company’s Brand Image seems bleak.

Next big thing which might give Social Media Marketing a run for its money, is for sure, mobile marketing and gaming which we’ve already started with.

A day without Internet

  • Whilst disconnected... Get connected... Catching up with fellow colleagues.
  • Lunch Potlucks at office.
  • Planning an office picnic.
  • Painting our walls and glasses with brainstorming notes.
  • Lots of fun and games.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We’re always hiring!!! We’re currently a group of 18-20 and looking at being 30 very soon. Currently, we are looking at building up a team with really good, dedicated, creative & innovative youth.


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