Social Media Case Study: ESPN Castrol Football Crazy ‘Longest Pass’

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ESPN Castrol Football Crazy

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The campaign ‘Longest Pass’ was created to promote the popular ESPN show called “Castrol Football Crazy”. The primary objective of the “Longest Pass” campaign was to promote the show and the brand ESPN.


YouTube was the main channel used. Participants were invited to shoot and upload a video of them receiving a football from the right. They were encouraged to perform their favorite stunts and tricks with the football or do crazy things like moonwalk, skip, somersault etc. And then they pretended to pass the football to their left side.

Football fans across the region were invited to record themselves passing the ball in the wackiest  coolest ways and upload them to YouTube.  The videos were lined up one after the other to create the illusion of a never-ending pass co-created by the fans that they could share, like, rate. The top rated passes were edited together to create the opening promo of the next season.

The ‘Longest Pass’ gave people the chance to be creative and participate in literally kick-starting a movement. When all these videos were stung together and played one after the other on the micro-site  it seemed like a long chain of people passing the ball to one another.

The videos were also shared on the campaign’s official Facebook page daily for promotion, and short term contests were held to pull in more participants. A consistent campaign was conducted that involved showcasing how prominent bloggers and Espn talent were actively participating with the campaign.


Castrol Football Crazy’s Longest Pass captured the passion of every football fan and enthusiast. It was extremely fun to participate in, as participation wasn’t restricted to only those skilled in football.

Hence we saw a large number of people submitting their video links, where many of them did a lot of crazy and innovative stunts while passing the ball. We received an overwhelming response within a month of launch with over 5000 video submissions.

Many popular TV shows including famous ex-football players and renowned football pundits have actually mentioned this campaign in their respective shows while talking about how awesome the idea is!



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