Why YouTube Social Media Marketing is Effective?

Gurinder Batra
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Why YouTube Social Media Marketing is Effective?

There is no doubt that user engagement, in social media marketing, is the key to success. You’d find social media managers shouting on online platforms how to increase user engagement with 4 or 5 simple tips.

Apart from other usual channels, YouTube too has emerged out of the blue as popular hangout zone. Who would have thought that a video sharing website will be used for networking? With constant investments, Google insured that its multi-million dollar acquisition stays at top. Meanwhile, marketing managers ensured that they utilize the popularity of YouTube in a quite different way.

Obviously, the highlight question would be: Why YouTube marketing is effective for your business?

1. More to Say

One thing you can’t deny about videos is that there’s so much to show. Think how much can you explain with a status update on Facebook or a picture upload on Pinterest? The content implications are highly limited with words. It might be a little more flexible with images but when the competition is with videos, nothing else has a chance.

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For instance, you want to share with your visitors how to unlock a certain application or log into the account after it has been locked. Video will help show them exactly what is required to be done. Plus it is easy for viewers to understand the whole process too.

2. Dedicated Channels

The introduction of channels on YouTube is an incredible feature. Companies can have their dedicated channels rather than uploading random videos from a user’s account. This not only brings creditability but also helps with branding. You can share the latest TV ads or something that might interest the viewers.

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People are increasingly spending time on popular YouTube channels and they can even subscribe to channel of their choice to get all the recent video upload/share updates.

3. Analytical Data

Just like your website traffic, YouTube offers you some concrete data on how your videos and more specifically channel is performing. Details like ROI, time spent, demographic segments if traffic and so on helps you understand what’s working for the audiences.

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After all, the motive is to spread awareness, advertise and build brand value online. Careful study of hard data will help you optimize videos and increase their visibility. Like and dislikes will also help to an extent to understand how to make videos more interesting.

4. Advertising

Well there are no surprises here. Advertising is one of the core businesses of all social networking websites, but what you have to concentrate is its benefits. Since chances of your video going viral are not that bright, ads will help bring in visitors. In fact advertising on YouTube offers better results than Adwords.

YouTube advertising, Advertising for Video, YT Advertising

Plus you don’t have to invest a huge amount too. A medium sized company can start with spending a few rupees per click or per day. You can also customize advertisements to ensure that it reaches the target audience without fetching unwanted traffic.


Just like other social media platforms, YouTube too helps you engage in conversations through comments sections. The interactions can be pretty interesting can you also get to know what visitors think of the video or channel. It is a source of first hand data that speaks for itself.

Comments are also word of mouth on online platforms, usually people visiting your video like to go through the initial comments to get an idea. If they find the comments interesting, they stick to it or else they move on. Although it is not something that you can control, feedback is always a way of improving in what you’re doing.


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