Social Media Case Study : Simply Potatoes Launched Ultimate Potato Eating Competition

simply potatoes

Brand Name

Simply Potatoes

Agency Name

Social Seety

About the Brand

Simply Potatoes is India’s first Baked Potatoes specialty chain, started by WTF Hospitality based out of Mumbai. The brand believes in a very lighthearted, fun-loving approach starting from its menu, to its logo, and going on to its digital communication. Just like their name, the brand puts forward ideas that are simply and truly, Potatoes! Such is their recent endeavour – The Ultimate Potato Eating Competition!

The Activity

If you are a person who loves food, you must have thought about eating unlimited amounts of your favourite dish or beating anyone at it. An Eating Competition is not a new concept, and in fact, eating competitions are celebrated as annual fests in many parts of the world. However, Simply Potatoes took advantage of the fact that this has never been done in India, and thus hit the bull’s eye by making it “India’s First Ever Potato Eating Competition.” The rules are very simple and quite appetizing. You just have to sign up, show up and EAT. It’s neither a pageant nor a sport, all you need here is to be a foodie with a stomach that just won’t quit!

Entries were rolled out using platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and required the filling up of a simple online form. People quickly responded to this very unique activity and signed up. A series of knockout rounds were held where participants were asked to finish a bowl of baked potatoes in the fastest time possible. The activity has now reached the final leg where one person will be crowned as the “ULTIMATE POTATO EATER 2013!”  Quite a fancy title, don’t you think? Also there are some amazing prizes and gifts for the winners and the participants. Free food and gifts, talk about an early Christmas miracle.

The Finale

The finale of the activity happened on 22nd December, 2013 at the High Street Phoenix Courtyard (Lower Parel, Mumbai). Top 15 contestants ate for glory at the Ultimate Potato Eating Competition.