Berger Paints Creates Effective Content for Interior Designers using #DuniyaDekhegi

Berger Paints recently launched its new advertising campaign for its luxury interior brand ‘Berger SILK’. Featuring actress Katrina Kaif, the new Berger SILK campaign tagline is “Duniya Dekhegi Jab SILK Se Saje Zindagi”. The brand has launched a digital campaign to popularise this range and interact with its audience on Twitter and Facebook.

SILK, with its range of products such as SILK Emulsion (Luxury Emulsion), SILK Illusions (Textures) and SILK Designzz (Stencils), has always been positioned as an exclusive, luxurious and aspirational lifestyle product. The new campaign takes the idea of “Experience SILK on all your walls” to a new level with “Experience the RICHNESS of SILK” that makes your walls the cynosure of all eyes a.k.a “Duniya Dekhegi Jab SILK Se Saje Zindagi”.


The brand has launched a digital campaign to popularise the Silk range and interact with its audience on Twitter and Facebook.


The digital leg of the 360 degree campaign commenced with a revamped website. This was followed by a Twitter contest using the hashtag #DuniyaDekhegi.  The revamped website showcased ways to do up your home and individual rooms, in different styles. The idea being for the individual homeowner to come up with a look jo Duniya Dekhegi.

10 days before the launch, the #DuniyaDekhegi tagline was populated on Twitter, Facebook and the website to enhance brand recall for the campaign launch. Users were urged to check out Katrina’s #DuniyaDekhegi moment via teaser videos and Vine videos.

Users were asked to share their most exciting, life defining moment jo #DuniyaDekhegi to win. Contestants could either share pictures with captions or comment on the website or via Twitter (using the hashtag #DuniyaDekhegi).




The same was promoted on the website too.



Users started posting various things.


An interactive game of the website called Ad Jumble allows a user to participate through the homepage. The TVC launched by the brand is distorted to make a puzzle. As gratification, winners are being offered a Galaxy Tab 2 Neo.


The launch campaign saw the unveiling of the new TVC. The new ad was exclusively premièred on the digital platform before its TVC launch.  Post watching the ad, the video split up into jigsaw puzzle pieces. Users were asked to put together the puzzle as fast as they could to win exciting prizes.


Stunning Microsite

The micro-site has a very colourful appeal owing to the brand’s core product, paints. What is even more impressive is that the site is a collection of useful content and beautiful images, attracting the user instantly. It has a magazine style layout and is a wonderful mix of blog marketing and communicating a subtle advertising message.



The topics of the blog posts have been chosen carefully, catering to interior decoration, modern living and various tips for designing a house.

There is a subtle paint bar on the right side of the website, which is an interactive feature of the website. These represent the various paint colours of the brand offering within the silk range. Once the user clicks on one of these colours, the background of the micro-site adapts to the same.



Another interactive feature of the site, the ad jumble, keeps the user engaged. Thus, the microsite is a complete package of entertainment, useful information and a treat to the eye.

Creating long lasting effective content has always been one of the best ways to promote your brands on social media.

Consistent Communication

The campaign #DuniyaDekhegi has been communicated consistently across major marketing mediums. Following a TVC launch, it was popularised on social platforms and the micro-site through interactive ways. In an engaging and interactive manner, the user is kept involved and indirectly ends up watching the TVC. Be it while solving the puzzle or playing the contest on Twitter, a consistent top of the mind recall has been developed for the user.

The Berger Paints digital campaign could have used a better Twitter contest, which would become an extension of the micro-site on social channels. However, the overall campaign seems to be effective and valuable to the end user.