The Badboo Song, Smell Good To Look Good : A Funny Social Awareness Video

When you get two stand up comedians to make a rap song about the tragedy of odour in our country, you know that it is bound to be full of entertainment. Aadar Malik and Karan Talwar from SchitzEnGiggles have managed to dissect the various sources of our dose of bad odour on a daily basis. With no inhibitions, this video takes you through the protagonist’s daily routine, with subtle references to Lawman Pg3 deodorant’s ability to counter this menace.


  • Identifying the sources of bad odour that we encounter on a daily basis.
  • Countering the said situations by making the ‘bad odour culprit’ aware of Lawman Pg3 deodorants as a means to smell good.

The objective of this campaign is to spread word about the Lawman Pg3 deodorants through The Badboo Song. Using humour, these two comedians confront the sources of bad odour and deal with it unlike the common man who would choose to ignore it.


The campaign is an attempt to rid the protagonist’s world of people he meets on a daily basis from the bad odour they seem to give away. The answer to this problem is none other than the Lawman Pg3 deodorant. From security guards to bank tellers to the guy who sits in front of you in class, every base of unhygienic odour seems to be covered.

Using catchy rhymes, these rappers with bling seem to cover almost every stereotype of people in society.

Entertaining as it is for a first-time viewer, the humour gradually wanes towards the end of the video.

The situations cover the typical places we tend to visit during our daily routines and the kind of people we meet. Except, the protagonist confronts the uncomfortable smells that we choose to just let pass at these places.

What’s important to notice is that each of the culprits of bad odour are magically changed in an instant of receiving the Lawman Pg3 from the protagonist.

As a build up to this video and the campaign, the brand added another interesting video.


Use of humour to tackle the ‘unspoken’ taboo of odour

Indians love their humour. The stand up comedians Aadar Malik and Karan Talwar have rapped their way through lyrics that describe every situation in detail. The story of this video unravels with every stanza. The humour used is openly critical of these menaces of society.

Unique in its approach, the catchy tune and wacky lines are a must watch.

Hitting the right chord with the audience

When a viewer relates to something he watches, there is always a good feel created within them. The Badboo Song makes you relate to every scenario of this video and replaces the protagonist with you in your mind. When you find the common aspects between this video and your reality, you begin to trust the use of this product. Definitely a great way to hit the right chord with an audience.

Scope for Improvement

Overly stereotypical

It is certainly true that some of the scenarios of this video actually do exist and occur, but it is a bit excessive to say that opening a window in the morning brings in a whiff of foul smell to your nose, which is precisely what is shown at the beginning of the The Badboo Song. I doubt our country really follows the stereotype of how the Westerners seem to perceive us as a nation – smelly.

Humour and affecting the sentiment of the patriot is a thin line that seems to be tip-toed in this video.

The humour wanes towards the end

When something is persisted with, the desire and attention it captures eventually wanes. That’s exactly what happens with the humour of The Badboo Song. Entertaining as it may seem to the 205,000 odd viewers it has conquered within a week, it would be interesting to see how many of them would actually revisit this video for its humour quotient. The comedy is stretched too far here and makes you start glancing at the video’s progress bar. In fact, the use of ‘menses’ in the lyrics at the end of the video is quite a crass and illogical way to express displeasure, especially when a male gendered person says he feels it.

The audience is susceptible to very short attention spans and boring them with repetitive humour may just lead to a negative impact on the campaign.


Certainly innovative and humorous in parts, this potentially viral video is a decent one time watch. Its rising popularity is definitely testament to this fact. Confronting the taboo of our society of bad odoured people in our daily lives is a good way to challenge the mind of the audience. Selling the product as a solution to this predicament of society grabs your attention but only for short periods of time. The Lawman Pg3 is certainly sold by this ad, but how effective it will be is yet to be seen.