Social Media Agency Feature: Seven Boats

Who are we?

Seven Boats Info-System Pvt Ltd is a strategic internet marketing company that delivers a variety of services like – Strategic content writing, site audit, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertisements, Web design, Web Development, Web Consultancy, Domain, Web hosting & more. We are an Indian leadership award winner, ISO 9001:2008 company, featured in & National Entrepreneurship Network (Wadhani Group Foundation), ReadStartups, felicitated by IIT KGP & GMIT, Kolkata.

Having a young, dynamic, exuberant and cohesive team of people who get charged up by single mention of keywords like “digital marketing mix”, “strategy”, “brain-storming”, “execution”, “deadline”, “leads”, “client-servicing”, “project tracking” and “team meeting”… at Seven Boats we bring personalized one-to-one digital marketing solution on table. Yes we “dofollow” these keywords very passionately!

We have given digital marketing consultation to more than 300 clients (From individual to Enterprise) in 25 plus industry verticals including Health Care/Medical, Education, Engineering, Retail, Business Services, Finance, HR, Architects & Home Remodeling firms, Manufacturing, Hotels & Travel, IT, Real Estates, Art & Entertainment, Astrology and many more. We are also working as trusted outsourcing partner for many digital agencies in local, national & international market.

Team Size: 16

The Management Team:

Debajyoti Banerjee, Founder and CEO: A veteran web strategist and founder of Seven Boats, a full service online marketing company from Kolkata, India. Debajyoti helps other businesses to transform their online presence, to attract new leads and to convert their prospects by his expert web consultancy. A seasoned Digital Marketing strategist he is – Debajyoti has seen it all in his career spanning more than 15 years in this domain. Yet for him everyday is a new journey to realize the dream of seeing Seven Boats at the pinnacle of success. His entrepreneurial acumen has been featured in Yes Story, Silicon India and National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN). He has also been invited and felicitated in IIT Guwahati, IIT Kharagpur, GMIT Kolkata and many other technical/management institutes for thawing up the entrepreneur minds.

Madhusmita Banerjee, Vice President: Nothing can escape her attentation. Having keen eyes on every detail of client requirements, she is a master strategist.

Biplab Das, Senior Manager (Projects): One of the pillars of Seven Boats who feels this company as his family. A highly dedicated, sincere and self motivated guy having great attention to details. A vivid learner who always loves to face challenges going beyond his comfort zone. Biplab has handled various responsibilities in IT Domain including System Administration in his more than 13 years of experience and has previously worked with IIPM for 11 years.

Vijay Mishra, Manager (Business Development): Having more than 10 years of experience in business development, Vijay stills the show with his communication skill. It’s because of this person’s skill and judgement that Seven Boats is touching the right notes with the clients.


What’s in the name?

The name “7Boats” has been derived from folklore and mythology – the famous ‘sapta dinga’, a metaphor for endeavors to unknown, uncharted territory. The boat signifies the vehicle that takes one to the destination. For us the vehicle is our service for the clients to help them reach their goals. And we have 7 boats suggesting we are capable of giving different types of backup solution to sail our clients through any weather. The number 7 has connotations in the ancient texts as well and is also the number of colors in a rainbow, so that syncs well with our vision.

What we do?

We give affordable and personalized one-to-one digital marketing consultation and web promotion solution to small/medium/large businesses, start-ups and enterprises. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) including Pay Per Click (PPC), Cost Per Action (CPA) in Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google plus etc. We also have a separate divisions for web design, website development, ecommerce development, content writing and many other web related services.

We always believe, sitting on the tip of the iceberg, that the right training in Digital Marketing can generate a lot of awareness among young minds and show them the opportunities. The rest will evolve with the growing knowledge as far as the career is concerned.  So there we also have a separate training division – Seven Boats Academy, where we train students, professionals, job aspirants and even our clients and corporates in Digital Marketing through our very popular live project training sessions. We also give training to people in different professional fields of Information Technology which add values in their respective careers.

Why we do it?

There are lot of players in Digital Marketing who focus only on ranking. But this is an ever dynamic field – one digital marketing strategy which was relevant a few years or perhaps a few months back is seen completely outdated today with users’ changing online behavior and the businesses are looking more and more to adopt the latest strategies. So here Seven Boats comes with ROI-based strategies. We focus more on client’s revenue growth rather than on ranking. Rankings & traffic are great to show but the most intimidating task is building the trust, authority & conversion. We care about how much value we can add in terms of revenue & profit to our clients’ portfolio.

How we evolve?

As we have mentioned earlier that Digital Marketing is a dynamic field; we know that Seven Boats is unique in the way it deals with clients and projects. We are high on strategy and precise in execution. We believe in the process of dissecting a case, analyzing the situation and then coming up with a workable solution. To ensure that we never compromise with our quality of delivery we regularly conduct workshops for our employees and encourage their thoughts in team meetings. We keep our interactions very informal, open and conducive for new learning. We try to cultivate knowledge sharing and multitasking ability in our team members, since we believe that is the best way to evolve in a competitive industry.

Social responsibility in social media

At Seven Boats we do not believe in providing the services clients pay for and then looking through those clients. We get involved in the process of our clients’ company and we do not detach ourselves when we see that we can contribute to their business. We believe in contributing the best possible way, at times going out of the way, to add value to our clients’ businesses. We have worked for a number of business projects for clients across the world and the clients are our assets. Our list of assets can never be over without the human minds that shape up Seven Boats. Our team is why – we are where we are!  Few of our success stories can be visited here.

Need of the hour

We think building a better customer awareness program is very much needed at this stage, but it still remains a challenge.

We learned the hard way

Being a startup, it’s not always easy to sustain the ups and downs of a business. One needs to focus on every detail from the scratch and touch the right chords to see the business growing. At the same time one can not compromise on the deliverables to meet the clients’ demands. There are a lot of startups in this space, so one needs to stick to their USP’s strongly while focusing on growing the business. Our uniqueness is in the way we deal with each and every clients and projects. We adopt a 360 degree branding approach for online products and services. And we do not just stop at providing a service that is asked for, but we get involved with our clients in the entire process of brand building, at times going beyond the regular scopes of work.

Did we just share that?

We never miss any opportunity to unwind ourselves at workplace, be it a birthday celebration or a team lunch. We believe right dose of fun adds additional energy to out perform each other in a healthy office environ.

They work with us

We have worked on more than 300+ different projects in past years across 12+ countries. We have some renowned enterprises as clients such as Chatterjee group company & Times group companies. Here are few of our clients – More can be checked from this link.

Industry as we foresee

Having 200 million internet users alone in India we are today the 3rd largest internet market in the world. India’s digital market space has been booming and it obviously throws a huge potential for the business owners, consumers and the marketers alike. Over the last couple of years, digital marketing & advertising spends in India have been risen by 29%, a clear indication that businesses are realizing the growing importance of marketing online. And we have learnt from our collective experience that Digital Marketing is ever changing and it’s trending too. With increasing internet and digital media availability, start-ups and business houses, however small or big,  are realizing that this is one of the most cost effective ways to reach maximum potential customers. Globally the marketing scenario is changing fast too as ROI is the main keyword in any business forms. When it comes to ROI, Digital Marketing is certainly emerging as the most effective strategy to give maximum returns on every marketing dollar one can spend.

A day without Internet

Lot’s of fun, coffee and pulling hair !!! It’s just like asking a carpenter to work without his tools. Simply unthinkable!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we hire people who can fit in to our culture and have that fire in belly attitude! We selectively choose people who is determined to succeed and can sync well with our vision.