10 Myths About Digital Marketing That You Should Stop Believing

Debunking the myths of digital and social marketing. Free, easy and all tech? Probably not.

Measurable is same as bankable

Yes digital is measurable. So you can measure how many people clicked and how many people saw your ads. But clicking is not the same as buying. Each digital dollar does not translate directly into revenue. Like each advertising dollar in any other form.

Let’s go viral

Believe me that’s what we desperately want to do. But crowd behavior is impossible to predict. We guarantee you great content, the public will decide the ‘virality’.

Digital is a support function

Digital in my opinion is more than a channel. It has opened up whole new possibilities in your marketing game-plan. Treating digital as a support and down-the-line implementation function means you are not leveraging digital well enough.

Digital is all tech

Too many times we get too enamored of the cool tech surrounding digital and forget the marketing principles. Think customer and product first and then the digital activation.

Digital is free

For the 100th time, there is nothing called as a free lunch. There is so much you can reach through organic growth. Advertisement which lets you expand your reach and pinpoint target audience is paid. It is less costlier than other forms of advertising for an equivalent ROI. But it costs money.

Digital is old marketing

It is fundamentally marketing and many of the classical principles hold. But it also helps you change many of the paradigms. So come out of old world marketing blinkers.

I have a twitter account. I know how to do social media marketing

Yes, everyone is a virtual social media expert. It seems so easy to do. You could wait to trip over the nuances or you could go ahead and preempt the crisis by hiring an expert

Social media is frivolous

Yes only as frivolous as bringing governments down and making stars out of local brands. The trick is you have to cut through the excesses and use the media right.

Social is highly risky

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As risky as you make it. As risky as going to a party. Any good PR and social strategist, worth her salary should be able to coach you. Plus the common sense and prudence you would most likely have.

Interns can do our social

Yes they can, given how digitally wired the generations are. But social media is a strategic initiative. Because it is public communication. It ties in directly with your brand. You will not want to leave it in the hands of the juniors, without a strategic direction being given first. Plus any social media adoption without an executive buy-in will fail.


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