Havmor’s #TheCoolestSummerJob raked over 1.7 million digital impressions


The hunt for ‘Chief Tasting Officers’ from across India begun with the launch of the campaign #TheCoolestSummerJob, offering consumers an opportunity to be part of the brand as ice-cream tasters and creators.


To engage with the end-consumer and involve them in the process of developing new flavors appealing to the Indian palate


Havmor Ice Cream Ltd, engaged with ice cream lovers to co-create new flavors appealing to the Indian palate. The brand adopted a customer-centric approach by creating a unique campaign #TheCoolestSummerJob to reach out to the consumers across cities.

As a part of the campaign, Havmor invited ice cream lovers across cities to apply online and win the newly created position of Chief Tasting Officer at the company. Using a digital first approach, Havmor began the process of inviting online entries for Chief Tasting Officers through a microsite as well as the through the brand’s social platforms.

The interview for the position included submission of a 2-minute video capturing one’s passion for ice-cream and the understanding of the local palate. The job profiles of the CTOs were to taste the ice-creams and inspire them to come-up with a sparkling innovative flavor which will win the hearts of Indian ice cream lovers. The campaign went live on May 02, 2017 with an aim to involve the end-consumer in creating a new ice cream flavor of their own choice by adding local fusion to it.

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The brand also partnered with renowned Chefs – Vicky Ratnani and Sanjana Patel to host a knowledge sharing session for the selected candidates of the campaign.

The winners were announced in mid-June 2017. Amongst the entries received, four deserving candidates were selected for the position of “Chief Tasting Officer”.

The campaign ventured into the next innovation phase by empowering the Chief Tasting Officers to create flavors that can appeal to the Indian palate. The four officers, kick started their journey with a successful mentoring session by the Chefs – Vicky Ratnani and Sanjana Patel that highlighted techniques to successful ice cream creation.

Post three days of immersion into the ice cream making process and mentorship the four officers were to launch new ice cream flavors in the market.


#TheCoolestSummerJob created curiosity and received over 1.7 million digital impressions, over 4400 entries, 450 videos and 2.38 lacs unique visitors.



With the end of this campaign, the brand is now ready to launch the new flavors developed by these CTOs across its 200 ice cream parlors and 40,000+ retail outlets.

With a well spread out campaign, Havmor managed to create engagement and recall amongst ice cream lovers.