PepsiCo gave millennial an opportunity to meet Indra Nooyi with #ChangeTheGame

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Revving up millennials and engaging with them for a unique and one of a kind opportunity, PepsiCo created #ChangeTheGame challenge to find the next big idea.


PepsiCo executed Change The Game as a challenge for students belonging to the top MBA schools in India, urging them to brainstorm and deliver a product idea for the company, for a chance to travel to New York and present their ideas in front of Indra Nooyi, Chairperson Pepsico, and get a chance to work with PepsiCo.


As the target audience for PepsiCo’s Change The Game belonged to the younger generation, the brand focused their promotional strategy on social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Participants were required to form a team of 2 individuals, click a selfie, and post them on PepsiCo’s social media channels, also getting their friends to like and comment on their selfies, which worked wonders for reach.

The contest was not only meant for Indian users, but also for people belonging to the Middle East and North Africa.

The participants were also required to register their team on PepsiCo’s website, whereupon the shortlisted selfies would be asked to send in their elevator pitch videos and later a presentation with their product idea that they pitched earlier.

#PepsiCoCTG, the campaign hashtag for Change The Game was widely used by social media users and participants.

Looking for the next big idea, PepsiCo chose 10 videos from the shortlisted 100 and teams belonging to various cities including Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Jharkhand were chosen. They were invited to PepsiCo’s Headquarters for the final round of the Change The Game challenge.

Facing a panel of 4 judges including Shiv Kumar, CEO, PepsiCo India, each team was assigned a special hashtag such as #T1 to #T10 and had to appear for a personal interview. After the interview, the teams were required to face a Twitter round of questions, one of which were asked by celebrity chef Vikas Khanna.

After the successful execution of the social media challenge, the winning team, Pooh and Piglet were chosen to meet and present their idea to Indra Nooyi, Chairperson, PepsiCo in New York.

Other shortlisted teams, Team ENLIVEN, was chosen to work for PepsiCo full time, and Team Awesomosis was picked to shadow Shiv Kumar, CEO, PepsiCo India for a week and another team was picked by Vishal Gondal, Founder, GOQii.


The entire contest was announced and executed on social media and it turned out to be a huge success. With more than 3000 students from some of the top MBA schools in India applied for the campaign and more than 100 teams were shortlisted.

Due to registrations, PepsiCo successfully drove traffic to their company website. The campaign hashtag,#PepsiCoCTG was trending on Twitter in fifth place as it racked up more than 1500 tweets.

PepsiCo successfully engaged with and chose the country’s brightest and most talented minds without visiting colleges but through social media, selecting 6 young minds to join them and excel.

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