Product launch lessons from Durex’s #GoPlaces

Durex India

To promote the three recently launched flavours, Durex has launched a massive digital campaign #GoPlaces with influencers on board.

In the last few days, Durex has been aggressively pushing out content under two hashtags — #WhySoBoring and #GoPlaces. The larger umbrella campaign here is one that promotes the three new flavours launched by Durex. While #WhySoBoring is based on statistics about Indians expressing how they wish to try new, exciting sexual activities in bed, #GoPlaces is Durex’s answer on how to spice up things with the help of the brand’s new offerings.

Content curation

As a part of the overall campaign, Durex released original content as well as indulged in influencer marketing. Essentially, they attempted to spark off conversations around sex and enthusiasm, making people spill their thoughts and express wholeheartedly. A section of the campaign was a collaboration with Scribbled Stories. Here, they put forth curated micro tales in sync with the adventurous tone of the campaign.

Influencer marketing

The influencers chosen for the campaign belong to different demographics, helping amplify the message as widely as possible. The brand roped in individuals as well as couples to share their stories, adding credibility to the narratives being put forth. The concept of the campaigns stem from the data earlier released by Durex: 74% Indians (surveyed by the brand) want to try something new in bed.

The influencers roped in by Durex for the campaign include Kubra Sait, Anshuman Malhotra, Gaurav Alugh, Kusha Kapila, Divya Agarwal, Tanuj Virwani, Eisha Chopra, Anusha, Karan Kundrra, Chetna Pande and Karan Wahi, among others.

Original content

To extend the communication to a two-way street, Durex also engaged influencers in a chat show, seeking inputs from viewers in comments. This was also their attempt at creating original content for the social media promotion of this campaign. All the campaign-related creatives were duplicated across platforms.

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Durex campaign

It is interesting to see how a condom brand is trying to break barriers and trying to spark conversations, especially by integrating it into their overall product marketing strategy.

If you were to look at the way things unfolded, it goes like:

  • Go big with startling findings.
  • Get influencers to create buzz around the claim.
  • Push a main product launch video across social media channels.
  • Launch new products that are a solution to the problem the brand got people to discuss in the initial leg of the program.
  • Creating content around the new product, including direct ads.