#ChildrensDay: Condom brand creatives play hard to attract users on Instagram

condom brands Childrens Day creatives

Social Samosa takes a look at condom brands Children’s Day creatives put up by Durex, Manforce, Skore, and Playgard.

Brands that deal with sexual wellness have found a new kind of freedom to promote their products, explicitly on social media. Here, they can directly show their products and talk about pleasure in ways they couldn’t on traditional media. This has led them to experiment with trending format templates as well as participate in relevant conversations. This Children’s Day, we take a look at the way condom brands Children’s Day creatives which wished their followers in interesting ways.


Durex indulged in wordplay, punning on the word ‘kid’ in their Children’s Day creative. The copy reads: We don’t kid when it comes to safe and pleasurable sex. A milk bottle has been used as an element in the creative, which can be interpreted as a representation of childhood as well as a sexual innuendo. The brand has tried to promote its range of mutual climax condoms.


Sharing a short-form video with a balloon and a condom on display, Manforce drew a colloquial comparison between the two. The copy asks followers to choose their adventure. The brand expresses, in the caption, how they have fun at every age. Manforce went for a clean black and white creative, with elements drawn on it with hand — this helped strengthen the brand’s topical connect.

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With four creatives, Skore drew four parallels between childhood and adulthood as people indulge in sexual relationships. These include the changing definitions of ‘protection’ from a helmet to a condom, ‘finishing’ from a race to pleasure gel, ‘getting girls’ from offering chocolates to applying deodorant and ‘toys’ from a plastic toy to vibrator. The brand was able to promote four of its core offerings with this post.


Stating how it’s just another day for them, Playgard highlighted their offerings of dotted condoms. With six condoms on display, tied together in a way that they appear as balloons, the brand put forth a colloquial metaphor similar to Manforce. The brand connect here worked well as they were able to put forth the communication of having a variety of flavours on offer as well as portray the dotted condoms as their premium product.

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