Infographic: Tips for an optimal Facebook Video Strategy

    Facebook Video

    Find out the best practices and statistics to form a high-yielding Facebook Video Strategy with this infographic.

    Facebook remained a popular social media platform during the lockdown for video consumption in India, with several brands & creators engaging with the audience through video campaigns & content launched on the platform.

    An increase has been observed in screen time, activities, and average time spent on social media, with several trends emerging. Consumption rose to an average of 4 hours, as compared to 1.5 hours in the previous months, according to Mindshare India and Vidooly’s report.

    Popular brands on Facebook, have recorded an estimate of more than 1-2 million views with engagement ranging around 10K., in India. Brands and creators are experiencing an upsurge in views and following.

    News, Music, and Entertainment are top genres but consumption of most genres has shot up. Whether you’re a brand or a creator, as viewers are looking to engage with video content right now, making the most of this consumption trend would yield high results.

    Creating the right kind of video content is subjective to your brand and the campaign’s target audience, but packaging it and optimizing it according to the platform-specific is essential for your Facebook Video Strategy.

    This infographic by Social Insider highlights more statistics of video content and apprises about the appropriate video length, description, and more.

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    Facebook Video


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