Probably the best campaigns by Carlsberg

Carlsberg Campaigns

Pouring the Carlsberg Campaigns brewed with innovations, arts & culture, and their efforts to make the world better(probably the best).

A bunch of the Carlsberg Campaigns are a reflection of their on-ground marketing variants which are then extended on digital mediums with campaigns such as ‘Probably The Best Poster In The World’ by the agency Fold7.

The brand has also attempted several digital innovations with campaigns such as ‘BarBandits’. With a Carlsberg beer tap placed at a bar that interacts with a screen in real-time, visitors had a chance of receiving a free beer.

They had to click a picture, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #BarBandits, and with every tap on the tap their pictures come up on the screen and with enough luck, they receive a free beer. They ran a similar campaign with #HappyBeerTime.

With the ‘Can beer…’ series the brand conveys what a ‘beer’ can do and depicts its contributions to the world such as ‘The Little Mermaid’ a statue commissioned in 1909, a gift to Denmark, inventions such as isolation of the yeast culture & the pH scale.

Some of the Carlsberg ad campaigns also project the brand’s contribution to limit climate change with a reduced carbon footprint, and decreased water consumption.

All in all, along with portraying itself as (probably) the best beer in the world, the communication strategy also focuses on establishing the brand as a philanthropist.

That calls for a Carlsberg.

Probably The Best Beer In The World

Probably The Best Ad in the World

Probably The Best Taxi Experience In The World.

Probably The Best Poster In The World

The Crate Escape

The World’s Most Unsafe For Work Video. Probably.

Carlsberg Puts Friends To The Test

Lsberg – Don’t Drink And Drive

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