Log Off and Lime In to the Corona Beer Campaigns

Paawan Sunam
Aug 07, 2020 11:59 IST
Corona campaigns

Traversing through the time when Corona was only a chilled beer, and campaigns that remind us of the happy hours.

The key ingredients of the Corona Beer Campaigns are narrations that stimulate Joie De Vivre (Joy Of Living) and amusing humour.

The brand's essence is built on associating the beer with a lifestyle, a lifestyle when we take a pause from the rat race, kick it back, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Whether it's trailing through the mountain, a quick weekday break, or a few hours at the pub.

You Never Know Where A Corona Can Will Take You created by The Community, Summer Specialists, and Raise Summer by La Comunidad, and many more of such campaigns portray this way of life.

With campaigns such as Corona Hotline and Football Trick by the agency Cramer-Krasselt, Corona added an amusing flavour to its brand's tonality.

Drinking beer is primarily a social activity, which is why with campaigns such as Connections by Cramer-Krasselt, Everybody's Welcome by The Community, and Familiar by La Comunidad, a major chunk of the brand's communication is also related to the pints and cans bringing people together, and the social feelings we share over a drink.

With the Find Your Beach series by Cramer-Krasselt, the brand blends in the ingredients humour and joy and creates a premium mix conveying how this drink can change the ambience around, and irrespective of where you are the beach is just one sip away.

Although the bond between the Mexican brewery and beaches doesn't just end with linking the sound of waves, sand between toes, and the leisurely period, the brand has also undertaken various initiatives for the protection of the beaches and curb ocean pollution.

With offline activities such as accepting plastic waste as payment for beer, in honour of the World Oceans Day in 2019, and several more efforts and campaigns in collaboration with Parley, and PES, creator of stop-motion films, the brand has also called attention to the increasing marine pollution and its adversities that several species face.

In collaboration with Sony Pictures, with an advertisement created by JWT, the brand also created an ingenious communication around drinking responsibly by seizing the premiere of Django Unchained.

Experience the happy hours with campaigns that will take you to the beach.

Find Your Beach (Commuters)

Find Your Beach (Flight)


You Never Know Where A Corona Can Will Take You

Everybody's Welcome

Corona Hotline Ft. Tony Romo

Raise Summer

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Football Trick

The Fish - PES With Corona x Parley

Corona x Parley: 100 Islands Protected


Summer Specialists

Bebe Con Moderacion (Drink Responsibly) - Coron Extra & Sony Pictures

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