IPL 15 saw 80 brands over 39 categories: TAM Data

TAM IPL data

According to the TAM Data, the average Ad volumes witnessed an 11% rise in the first play-off of IPL 15 as compared to IPL 14.

According to TAM Sports Report data, while comparing IPL 15 and IPL 14 League matches, the average indexed ad volume growth per channel per match increased by 8% during IPL 15 over IPL 14. The first play-off of IPL 15 had 11% greater advertisement volume than the first play-off of IPL 14. IPL 15 Indexed Growth for Leagues Matches is 108, 1st play-off is 111 while IPL 14 had 100 for league Matches and 100 for 1st play-off.

IPL 15 has 39 categories, 62 advertisers and 80 brands whereas IPL 14 had 41 categories, 63 advertisers and 82 brands. The number of categories, advertisers, and brands in the first IPL 14 and IPL 15 play-offs was nearly the same.

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Among the categories, Ecom-Gaming placed first in IPL 15, and second in IPL 14. The Top 5 categories list comprised four categories from the ‘E-commerce’ sector with a 32 % share of ad Volumes in IPL 15 till the first Play-off. In IPL 15, the top five categories collectively accounted for over 40% of ad volumes, compared to 36% in IPL 14.

Sporta Technologies, Think & Learn, and K P Pan Foods were the three most common advertisers during IPL 15 and IPL 14. During the 71 matches of IPL 15, the top five advertisers provided 24 % of ad volumes.