Meta launches Creators of Tomorrow showcase

Meta Creators

Meta has launched the Creators of Tomorrow showcase, which highlights diverse individual talents across various geographical regions, shaping the creative content online.

Meta will be working with the ones who are a part of the Creators of Tomorrow showcase over the next year to help them grow their audiences and improve professional capabilities across the technologies and spotlight more standout creators from around the world in the coming months.

Spotlighting Content Creators

The creators have been selected because they’re standing out amongst their communities online, and showcase a best-in-class approach to video formats, technology, and interactive entertainment — creative qualities that will be integral to the evolution of the metaverse.

As cultural trends continue to be amplified through digital content and new avenues open up to earn a living, these creators are experiencing growth that will unlock new opportunities that span the future of the internet, whether that’s building their own digital marketplaces, hosting immersive events face-to-face with fans around the globe, or collaborating with brands to promote new experiences.

From experimenting with video content to building immersive worlds tomorrow that deepens the interaction with their fans and communities, the creators would intend to represent voices that have the potential to achieve the objective.

Meta plans to continue to support their careers and give the creators access to tools, education, and resources so they’re at the forefront of the development.

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Local Launches and Programmes

Meta is hosting launch events at offices to bring creators together and kick-start collaboration with them. Over the coming months, it’ll roll out programmes and experiences that will integrate them into the culture, spotlight their talent and nurture their growing careers.

To ensure creators are up to date with technologies and tools, Meta’ll be hosting dedicated in-person sessions and workshops. For example, Meta will be bringing creators in Italy together for a “Reels School” to showcase the latest best practices on the evolving format. And in South Africa, Meta will be hosting a dedicated “Creator Day” that will consist of workshops that span monetization and branded content tips, and more.

Meta also plans to offer creators exclusive experiences and events that empower them to create content that sparks conversation around cultural moments. In Germany, it is hosting Creators of Tomorrow at Superbloom Festival, giving them VIP access to the musical lineup. Likewise, MENA creators will join Forever is Now, an immersive art exhibition at the Pyramids of Giza, to get hands-on experience with augmented reality installations.

All of the Creators of Tomorrow will be brought together at this year’s Meta Creator Week in November, hosted at the Tate Modern in London. There, Creators of Tomorrow will be joined by other regional Creators at various stages of their careers to collaborate, learn from each other, and continue to find inspiration in the future of content creation on Meta platforms.