Zuckerberg rejigs metaverse avatar after disapproving criticism floods in

Paawan Sunam
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Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Horizon Worlds in France and Spain with an image of his metaverse avatar that has received tons of criticism and being touted as an amateur rendition that did not need billions of dollars of investment.

The avatar Zuckerberg shared of himself while making the announcement has been touted to be of the same quality of avatars in games launched in the last decades, and users have also pointed out that the first view of the metaverse did not live up to the hype, and did not look like it needed billions of dollars of investment.

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Horizon Worlds is a virtual reality platform that hosts communities and individuals through avatars, first-person renditions of users that see the world from the avatar's point of view.

It was first launched in the beta phase and users were invited to the virtual experiences designed and built by the community. In Horizon, users can build the things they want to see and places they want to visit. Eventually, Facebook envisions large spaces where many people can gather in Horizon, but for now, around eight people can share a space.

Once users are in Horizon, they can join a Party to chat together as they navigate Horizon and check out featured worlds in the Horizon Plaza to see what’s new. Users can also navigate to the menu, where they can search the published worlds in Horizon by name and find new places to explore.

In December 2021, Horizon Worlds opened up the portal to metaverse with the launch in the US & Canada, available to 18+ users for free. The launch was initiated with new mechanics and templates for creators to design their own games and experiences, and modify working scripts. 

The announcement post of expansion to France and Spain receiving criticism on the quality of graphics contained Zuckerberg's avatar.

He then made another post stating that the earlier version was showcased to announce the launch and was not the final version, and also shared that the graphics would be going through major updates before full-scale launch.

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