Roger Federer creatives celebrate the legend’s stint on the court

Roger Federer creatives

Roger Federer announced his retirement that would conclude after the final play at Laver Cup, soon after social media platforms were served with reactions and celebratory messages cherishing the legend’s career and brand creatives chime into this topical wave.

The man responsible for the most prominent era of tennis in history, which includes staggering broken records and an unparalleled rivalry saddened tennis enthusiasts and his fans announced his retirement on 15 September. The fans were not ready for the retirement of Roger Federer, but then digital communities and social media brands did not fail to celebrate the man and the game with expressive creatives.

Dabur Chawanprash cherished his stint with subtle brand integration, Happily Unmarried acknowledges his contribution to putting the motherland on the global map, Fastrack zeroes in on the length and strength of the career, Dunzo throws in some wordplay, and Netflix India plays in on the current running meme.

More brands hop on the court filled and bow down to the ace.

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Netflix India

Happily Unmarried

Boss Burger




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