Gandhi Jayanti creatives 2022 – Here’s how brands paid homage to Bapu

Gandhi posts
Here are a few Gandhi Jayanti posts that stood out

On October 02, brands celebrated the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, who is venerated as the father of the nation. The man who shaped our history, taught us the value of non-violence, also inspired quite a few social media posts and campaigns. 

While some brands took a memory down the lane and celebrated Gandhi’s principles and values, others applied his teachings to modern life. Brands also used his charkha, which is commonly considered as the symbol of non-violence, and spectacles to remember the change-maker in topical spots. 

Beverage brand Paper Boat took the audience inside Gandhi’s laboratory, which tried to encapsulate his milestones. On the other hand, Myntra gave a contemporary look to Gandhi’s famous three ‘do good’ monkeys. 

Here are a few creatives that stood out:

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Paper Boat






Bajaj Finserv

Tata Play


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