H&M with Jim Sarbh takes you on a mysterious journey with the #BrighterThanEver campaign


H&M has launched the Brighter Than Ever campaign featuring Jim Sarbh, Manushi Chillar, Isha Talwar, Shantanu Maheshwari, Chum Darang and Zaeden.

Packed with magical realism, the film is set inside the artfully inspired universe of an old art-deco building’s manually operated elevator. The Liftman, played by actor Jim Sarbh, transports each character to their prized personal versions of Brighter Than Ever. He magically opens doorways to exactly what the passengers of his elevator are in search of. 

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A young resident of the building who is setting base in a new city, played by actress Manushi Chhillar, is transported to the comfort and warmth she craves. A shy teenager, played by actress Chum Darang, is ferried to familiarity, while a fun-chasing influencer, played by actor and dancer Shantanu Maheshwari, is pulled into a very exclusive dance-party while the kids of the building are on the lookout for the next new adventure, and a party-loving couple, played by actress Isha Talwar and musician Zaeden, are surprised with an electrifying celebration. The video proceeds to feature how the protagonist, Jim, delivers each of them at their desired solution, thus reiterating how H&M offers a solution for every occasion. 

For the one who likes to party, or for the New Age Star boy or the one who is conquering the world, H&M’s Brighter Than Ever campaign captures various personalities of the consumers.

An intriguing narrative, combined with a quirky story, and a foot-tapping sound track, H&M manages to create a strong piece of communication for the festive season.