Snapchat introduces new features for the holiday season

Snapchat Features

The new features by Snapchat include subscription gifts, custom notification settings, and more.

Snapchat has announced a slew of features this holiday season that will elevate the user experience. The photo-sharing app that introduced Snapchat+ a paid subscription service within the app, has made it easier for users to gift this subscription to a friend right there in the app.

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Apart from this festive gifting idea, the app has also dropped four new ways to customize your Snapchat experience.

  • Custom Story Expiration: With this new update, set Snaps on your story to expire after one hour or up to one week. With this new feature, you can make sure your friends see your special Snaps worth sharing longer or keep them coming back for your most fun and fleeting moments. 

  • Custom Notification Sounds: This feature lets you set different tones for different friends so you can tell who Snapped you without looking at your phone. 

  • Camera Color Borders: This lets you cast your favourite hue on screen as you capture content. 
  • Bitmoji Backgrounds: The three new exclusive backgrounds will let you decorate your Snapchat profile for Halloween.

With these new additions, Snapchat+ subscribers now have access to more than 12 exclusive features.