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NOTO has been using an integrated marketing mix to spread the word that dessert can be healthy too. Social Samosa takes a closer look at its Instagram strategy.

A fairly newer brand in the dessert department, NOTO which started in 2018, sells a range of dessert options starting from ice creams, popsicles, sweets, and a bunch of other variations - but healthier. The health-conscious section of the market has seen massive growth, NOTO plays well in this category and has been active on Instagram, from the go. 

The brand received INR 4-Crore funding in August 2021 and has since introduced various product variations in the last few years - including Zero Sugar pancake syrup, vegan ice creams, and low-calorie Indian sweets like Gulab Jamun.

Pushing the narrative that a healthy diet doesn’t just limit to greens and bland foods, NOTO culminates a wide range of marketing tactics that includes a good social media presence and brand support. 

NOTO Ice Creams has heavily relied on social media from the very beginning. This included sharing lists of stores they're available in, through Stories and posts. Over the last two years, the brand has taken a more exhaustive approach.

Creator Content

NOTO uses its social media presence to share healthy recipes consisting its wide variety of products and in a way proving its point of making healthy food tastier. These recipes are sometimes curated by the brand itself while in other instances they are created by content creators. 

The brand often engages in non-food-related influencer marketing as well. This helps in reaching a wider set of audience. 

Brand Integrations

NOTO, on many occasions, has collaborated with different brands in order to curate a fusion of healthier food items for its audience. Be it a coffee-flavored ‘fudgesicle’ curated with Sleepy Owl or a low-calorie blueberry ice cream in partnership with a local home-grown food service brand Farm 2 Farm.

Brand partnerships is a trend among new-age brands like NOTO - a tactic we also discussed in our #Coffeegram article.

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Festive Reach

With the festive season at its peak, NOTO has been pushing its healthier Indian sweets actively. The focus of the festive campaign is 'Halwai style mithaai' but low calorie. The brand has been driving resonance between its products and the sweets that one can buy at the local sweet shops.

This is being done through influencer outreach and content marketing initiative. NOTO created co-branded content with influencers such as Curly Tales and Tarini Manchanda. The creators speak about guilt-free desserts and 'no-weird' aftertaste, which is usually associated with sugar alternatives.

Calorie Conscious Content

The low-calorie desserts are the USP of the brand and this calorie count often appears on its social media channels. NOTO also explicitly lists the ingredients, creating transparency and appeal for the health-conscious gamut.

New market expansion also makes for consistent content on social media for NOTO. The brand recently entered Bangalore and Delhi.

At a time when healthy food habits are all the audience can talk about, NOTO, as a brand, has been leveraging this wave.

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