Truecaller’s new campaign shows how it prevents fraud calls

truecaller campaign

Conceptualized by The Womb, Truecaller’s new campaign aims to highlight how powerful communities can be.

Truecaller has launched a new campaign to convey an important message. Conceptualized by Truecaller and The Womb, the campaign depicts the true essence of India and its people. These films attempt to leave a mark on the audience with the use of the ‘laal rang’. To signify scam/harassment calls, the campaign ties back to the popular saying – ‘Buri nazar wale tera muh kala.’ The campaign aims to create a safe space in the world of online communication.

Speaking about the campaign films, Kari Krishnamurthy, Chief Commercial Officer at Truecaller said, “Indian culture is very deep-rooted and the practices and customs we follow are a result of strong beliefs. With this campaign, we have not only tried to capture the core of the problem faced by people in the form of harassment/scams but also how it is the collective feedback and spam markings from the community that make such fraudulent calls appear red. I’m hopeful that with the help of these meaningful films, we will be able to further our cause and help create a line of defense against unwanted communication.”

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Further elaborating on the idea behind the campaign, Navin Talreja, Co-founder, The Womb said, “Truecaller has been in India for more than 7 years and has done significant work to make the basic functionality of smartphones safe and secure with a special focus on women and the elderly. Through the consumer work our team did in smaller towns i.e. ‘Bharat’, we realized that the product was highly relevant for them, but awareness and discovery were limited. This discovery gave us our brief: launch Truecaller for ‘Bharat’ in the most simple yet disruptive way. The product benefits both the individual user and the community at large. With this campaign, our intent is to start a movement and make India’s largest community help safeguard each other.”


  • Brand: Truecaller
  • Agency: The Womb
  • Founding Partner : Kawal Shoor and Navin Talreja
  • Creative Team: Suyash Khabya, Rohit Sharma, Paritosh Lonkar, and Ankita Sawant
  • Account Planning: Mitali Kamath, Gaurav Joshi, Manasi Mankatty, Ramanathan Venkataramani, and Puja Jhunjhunwala
  • Account Management: Dhaval Jadwani, Rajat Pandey, and Saheef Giriyal
  • Production House: Chrome Pictures
  • Director: Amit Sharma
  • Executive producer: Napolean Daniel Amanna and Kush Malhotra