Swiggy wants the audience to figure out 'Why is this a Swiggy Ad?'

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'Why Is This A Swiggy Ad?'

Swiggy has launched a unique campaign titled 'Why is this a Swiggy Ad?,' which is being distributed across print, OOH, and digital platforms.

Swiggy has released a new campaign that crosses towns and galaxies, but no one knows 'Why is this a Swiggy Ad?'

Conceptualised and designed by Talented, Why Is This A Swiggy Ad? or #WITASA takes a take on advertising. Instead of focusing on the coherence of message and brand connect, WITASA makes the brand connect itself to the device to engage - and reward fans, with INR 1 lakh in Swiggy Money. Talented engaged with partners Nishikant Palande and Web Dimension to take the campaign experience across print, OOH, and digital.

The food ordering and delivery app has released an absurd visual set in space, filled with clues relating to the brand, which only one theory will sense in the end. Since the brand dropped the post, the internet is buzzing with theories in the comments section already.

The campaign was first released on OOH across Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai - and in front page print, again in Delhi and Bengaluru. Betting on the nature of the social internet - looking at print and outdoor not as ends in themselves, but as means to a print or outdoor-led viral opportunity.

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Ashish Lingameni, Head - Brand, Product Marketing and Sustainability at Swiggy said, “Given how ubiquitous Swiggy is and how we have become a part of the cultural fabric, we believe that users can imagine Swiggy playing a role in almost any situation and context. Additionally, younger digital-first users are also increasingly looking for brands to engage them with experiences rather than just target them with ads. These two together took us down an interesting road of turning an advertisement into an online discussion of "Why is this a Swiggy ad". Effectively, the greatest ads are those that result in furious discussion amongst users and this campaign is conceptualized to try and make precisely that happen.” 

“While I know the answer, I can’t tell you WHY this is a Swiggy ad but I can tell you HOW it became a Swiggy ad. It was the most enjoyable creative process, with relentless hours of making plots and sub-plots and weaving a story that you’d hear only once in your lifetime. The inspiration was the 50s illustration style and sci-fi comics and movie posters (think Other Worlds, Space Man, At the Earths Core). It was a conscious choice to make the visual an illustration to break the monotony and also to fully justify the madness we had in our minds. And of course, it took a village. Right from a fantastic client team, who was the secret sauce in making this campaign come alive at its creative best, to my colleagues at T6D and to partners like illustrator Nishikant Palande and website partner Kalpit Dwivedi,” said Teresa Sebastian, creative at Talented.

The campaign website is designed to the audience f the campaign explore each element of the post in extreme detail, and unwrap hidden clues that will help them unsolve the mystery.

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