Dunzo Reels Strategy: Delivering trendy content and essential entertainment

Dunzo Reels

Here we present the new world order in #DunyaKiDuniya, where trendy content is delivered and new characters are introduced for in-home entertainment through Dunzo Reels.

Being in the competitive space of the online delivery industry, Dunzo has created a name for itself within a few years of its initiation. Its brand language aligns with the pop culture and is entertaining enough to grab the attention of its active social following. This brand language has been consistent across mediums and platforms, whether it’s an OOH billboard, a TVC, or the not-so-latest short-video format, Instagram Reels. The Dunzo Reels Strategy extends the brand language to the new format and timely delivers entertaining content.

The integral element of this strategy is extending their bank of content and (literally) setting them in motion, from static posts. Dunzo brand mascots and animated characters seen in their static posts come alive in motion in their Reels that tap various instances around essential delivery and scenarios around ordering groceries, and indoor activities that can be facilitated by the brand.

The humanized tonality, words, phrases, and visuals are made consumable in the video format by the brand through entertaining and light-hearted content. The Reels majorly follow one umbrella concept of depicting the lives of delivery executives and the in-home life of its consumers but also maintain a mix of current trends and other popular topics on the internet.

Trending audio clips, popular movie dialogues or themes, and content formats that generally work well with Reels have all been incorporated into Dunzo Reels. The element that stands out the most is the series of animated videos that tap into the general everyday affairs of consumers and their interactions with the delivery executives. These are a set of videos that can make the consumer go, “This is by Dunzo”, without even seeing the name on the handle, even when there is minimal to no brand or product integration.

Humour is the all-encompassing element or rather the backbone of the brand’s Reels, it is weaved into every concept and every piece of content. In conversation with Social Samosa, Sai Ganesh, Ex-CMO, Dunzo, had mentioned, “Humour is a big engine of content in social media, as opposed to traditional pop culture which centers around big-budget and big-name”. The Reels are a testament to this statement.

The visual language of the brand is also distinct in nature, animation, overlaid text, and audio, illustrations, various elements make up the visual language that is contemporary in its habitat.

Key Takeaways For Brands From Dunzo Reels

Brands tapping Reels, or looking to dive into the format can also gain a few takeaways and learnings from the Dunzo Reels Strategy.

  • Maintain a consistent color palette
  • Introduce characters, and extend it to a series of Reels
  • Make your Reels easily recognizable with common traits
  • Tap the trends in a context relevant to your brand and target audience, or consumers
  • Brand integration and roduct placement needs to be subtly weaved into the Reel (not the other way around)
  • Incorporate multiple visual elements

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