Droom Reels Strategy: Driven by the wheels of educational & entertaining content

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Droom Reels Strategy

The speed of growing engagement does not seem to be breaking on this brand's page; the Droom Reels strategy is accelerating the speed of growth through a balance of entertaining and sales-oriented content.

The online marketplace for new and used automobiles has set the tone of its brand language, materialized as leisurely but also informative. These elements also make up for a recognisable trait that the Droom Reels strategy is weaved with.

The entertaining content by Droom follows one particular theme, an umbrella concept of depicting everyday office affairs - asking for leaves, managing targets, banters with colleagues, uncomfortable conversations with HRs, and all the otherworldly affairs of a workplace are sketched out into humorous bits.

The brand has created an audience base for itself, and any user looking to engage with this topic can view the hub of Reels to get a dose of relatable content. This theme of content is tapped with trending audio clips and overlaid with popular movie dialogues, a content format that works well with Reels.

Aashi Sahni and Sahil Saifi, senior analysts of content marketing at Droom, who also happen to be popular content creators having a substantial following, frequently appear in the entertaining Reels. This enables the viewers to associate the popular faces with the brand, and build brand recall that is prompted by their appearances.

Sahil had featured in the first Reel depicting the WFH to WFO transition, which proved to be a breakthrough for the brand, and since then you may have also come across several versions of the Reel from Pages and accounts that dabble with the office-themed content.

Reels has also become a format in which branded or promotional content becomes snackable for consumers. In a conversation with Social Samosa, Arun Srinivas, Director, Global Business Group – Meta, had mentioned, "Some of the better campaigns that we’ve seen are where brands are designing for reels and stories. So, they are thinking through where the consumer is and creating assets that work for each of those surfaces so that it’s engaging."

This current inclination of brands is also evident in Droom's social presence. Apart from the entertaining content, promotional communications by the brand are also packaged into trending Reels templates. So whether it's positioning the brand as a better choice for automobile services, or a reliable option for buying used cars, it is all wrapped into consumable templates.

The other side of Reels by Droom leans into the educational composition, placing the brand as a thought leader in the automobile marketplace industry. Complicated terms, best practices, the importance of certain aspects that consumers should be aware of, details of the service packages, and more such informative elements.

Key Takeaways For Brands From Droom Reels

Brands tapping Reels or looking to dive into the format can gain a few takeaways and learnings from the Droom Reels Strategy.

  • Keep a balance between educational and engaging content
  • Collaborate with creators for the longer run
  • Scenarios such as everyday instances are naturally relatable, as opposed to thought-out scenes
  • Guide your consumers with knowledge relevant to your offerings
  • Minimize brand and product integration within content marketing activities
  • Build thought-leading properties
  • Associate your brand image with a consistent theme of content

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