Elon Musk v/s Apple: All you need to know about the latest Twitter feud

Elon Musk & Tim Cook

Tech tycoons Elon Musk and Tim Cook lock horns. Musk has accused Apple Inc of threatening to pull Twitter off of its App Store following its pause on ad spends on the platform.

Twitter Chief Elon Musk is now picking a fight with Apple. In a series of Tweets, Musk has waged a war against the tech giant implying Apple has been pressuring Twitter over content moderation demands. 

It all started when Elon Musk posted a satirical Tweet using a news headline, allegedly claiming that ‘he could threaten free speech on Twitter by allowing people to speak freely’. Following the cryptic post, he went on to claim that Apple hates free speech in America when the tech company stopped advertising on the platform. He even tagged Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc, asking him what was going on.

Apple has been advised by its media agency, Omnicon Media Group to pause its advertising spends citing ‘potential serious implications’ for advertisers ever since Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover. In a memo laid by the agency, Omnicon mentioned seeking assurance from Twitter about the brand safety and its client’s investment, but are now pulling out due to lack of senior leadership in the platform.

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But Elon has been unstoppable in his attacks, saying Apple has censored apps before and has threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store, but won’t give a specific reason. He also started a poll asking users whether Apple should publish all censorship actions that can affect its customers, which has seen 84.7% votes in favour.

Elon also gave a ‘spoiler’ about Apple putting a secret 30% tax on software developers for all in-app purchases made on its apps. He also said he will publish the ‘Twitter Files’ about this feud so that the users can know ‘what really happened’.

In a closing one-sided argument with Apple, Elon Musk said that it’s a battle for free speech and losing it will lead to tyranny.