Apple’s new ad highlights how tech can become more accessible for persons with disabilities

Apple's accessible Tech

Apple’s new short film, which was released ahead of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, showcases the everyday lives of disabled individuals and how tech can become more accessible for them.

People with disabilities continue to struggle in accessing public places, healthcare, and workplaces. However, technology is taking baby steps towards inclusivity and making the world a little more accessible for them.
Tech giant Apple has released a new film that highlights how being accessible and inclusive in the technology industry should be the norm.

Titled ‘The Greatest’, the short film that is made for, and stars people with disabilities, sets a narrative of how everything around us is by default catered to able-bodied individuals and how many of Apple’s products are breaking that norm. The film starts by showing how many people use tech devices like smartphones, watches, tablets etc to do much more than just call, message and surf the internet. 

The film highlights seven individuals who use different Apple products like the iPhone’s Assistive Touch which prompts a written text, and the Door Detection feature which comes in handy for a visually impaired individual.

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With its cinematography and storytelling, it captures the audience’s attention when the audio in the film is cut and the viewers can only see a baby crying. This perfectly captures what the mother with a hearing impairment would be feeling. It is followed by Apple Watches’s Sound Recognitions feature which comes in handy. 

The film also highlights various individuals showcasing their creative personas that even includes musicians like Cola Baby and pianist Matthew Whitaker who participated in the making of the ad’s soundtrack. 

Being true to their story, the film was also released with an audio description to cater to the low vision and blind audience. 

This campaign was released ahead of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which is an UN-recognized holiday celebrated on December 3 every year. 


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