Wednesday Addams unleashes the Thing to promote Netflix’s new series

Wednesday Addams thing

As part of Netflix promotions, the ‘Thing’ from the hit series Wednesday was released to spook people. 

Nothing ickier than a bodiless hand crawling around the streets you walk on. Unless you like content “served warm with a side of pain” like Wednesday Addams from the hit Netflix series. Tim Burton’s show starring Jenna Ortega has won hearts for its spooky and quirky premise. 

OTT giant Netflix has gone all out with the series promotions, making ‘Thing’ the next popular thing. Its newest promotional event highlights the eerie feeling of watching the Thing come to life. In a YouTube video, the streaming platform released ‘Thing’ onto the streets of New York City and recorded the real-time reactions from people. This campaign was executed by agency whoisthebaldguy.

Some found it scary while true fans found the humour in the situation. The video has garnered a lot of engagement, crossing 10 million views.

What’s more? The original series has become the most-watched series on Netflix, crossing over 341.2 million watch hours. It has surpassed hit shows and movies like Stranger Things and Dahmer in its first week of release. 

Wednesday’s marketing placements

If this isn’t enough, Netflix has taken the opportunity to market the essence of the show. Wednesday’s marketing campaign featured some of her iconic quotes to fit in the perfect social settings. From billboards to elevators and bus stops, each marketing placement has played a huge part in reflecting the trending character’s cold personality and dark humour. 

Here’s a look at some of the Wednesday marketing campaigns that have left people amazed.

It used Thing to promote an oddly uplifting message of remaining persistent.

Along with this, the main character takes part in promotions with her humour on billboards, bus stops, elevators and more. These billboards imagined how Wednesday Addams would react to modern appliances and honestly, we second it.

In a rather brilliant out-of-home marketing activity, Netflix got Wednesday Addams to feature on airport security trays in the US. She shared her disappointment of not finding sharp objects

Dark Twitter

Netflix even created a Twitter account which is handled by Wednesday Addams herself. With the weekend around the corner, she is getting ready for a blood bath.

Netflix is known for its marketing activities and with Wednesday, the OTT platform has taken a giant leap forward.