YouTube updates: Changes in Partner Program, Analytics, and more

YouTube Creator Music

The platform has brought in new updates in contract terms for the YouTube Partner Program, new metrics in Analytics Studio, Shorts revenue sharing, and more.

The Creators Insider page, handled by YouTube’s technical team has announced the latest YouTube updates. The page was started for creators on the platform and shares updates every week.

This week’s updates are mainly focused on making content analysis, moderation, and monetary benefits easier for content creators. 

The updates are as follows:

Member Recognition Shelf 

Last year, YouTube launched a Member Recognition Shelf featuring selected avatars of members on channel pages. This year, the tech team has plans for extending it to video descriptions on mobile where it can be part of the info card section. The main aim is to increase new member signups. Creators will have the option to disable the shelf in case they don’t want it.

Changes to YouTube Partner Program (YPP) terms

In September 2022, it announced new ways to earn revenue on the platform which mainly included – shorts ads revenue sharing, shorts eligibility, and fan funding products like Super thanks. 

Now channels will be allowed to earn revenue from Shorts ads revenue sharing running between the videos. To be eligible for the same, current YPP partners will have to accept certain terms by July 10th or they will be removed from the program. Once accepted, they will be eligible as early as 1st Feb, 2023. 

Creators not a part of the program are now eligible if they have 1000 subscribers and 10 million shorts views in the last 90 days.

Changes in YouTube Analytics

The newest update will allow creators to see the breakdown of subscribers gained by content type in YouTube analytics. Previously, only views per content type option was available. 

They will also be able to see what content the audience watches. To see the card, you will have to go to the studio analytics and audience tab and choose the option to filter videos. This will mainly make it easier to keep an eye on what’s happening and what kind of content the audience enjoys. This might be helpful for creators who are new to content creation.

Video and Shorts Thumbnails

Now, there will be an option to see video thumbnails and content length in Analytics advanced mode. Currently, advanced mode only lists video titles.

Shorts will now have the option to keep thumbnails. All you need to do is select a frame from the Shorts video and keep it as a thumbnail. Since thumbnails don’t display on Shorts feed, YouTube’s technical team is working on bringing it to iOS.