Valentine’s Day campaigns 2023: Brands celebrate different facets of love

Valentine’s Day campaigns 2023

Whether it is self-love, breaking stereotypes or more, brands have added their own meaning to the different genres of love for Valentine’s Day campaigns in 2023.

Valentine’s Day comes with a commercial benefit for brands since people tend to surprise their loved ones with gifts of all kinds, often ignoring the price card. While Indians have been spending more than Rs 22000 crore since 2015, the global market has reached billions.  

In the new-age gifting era, the brand messaging has turned its focus to putting more thought into gifting. This has been the theme for this year’s Valentine’s Day campaigns. Brands want people to love themselves or break the traditional stereotypes with meaningful gestures. 

Enrich’s V-Day campaign asked a few people questions about love and what it means to them. Their responses focused on loved ones more than themselves. The campaign aimed to show people that ‘Love begins with you.’

On the other hand, Cadbury 5 Star has centered its humorous campaign around singles who would rather avoid the Valentine’s Day ‘mush.’ Breaking the stereotypes, Melorra conveys that women can celebrate their milestones with their life partner with thoughtful appreciation. 

Overall, the brand campaigns shed light on the little details that make the season of love special. Social Samosa has featured some of the Valentine’s Day brand campaigns for 2023 that stood out.

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