Case Study: How the Too Yumm! influencer campaign gained over 307Mn+ views

Too Yumm

Using the full potential of influencers and virality of dance steps, Too Yumm! initiated a UGC campaign garnering 3K+ entries for the unique challenge.

Too Yumm! created an influencer-led campaign to engage with the target audience and create buzz around the brand. Here’s a Case Study detailing every aspect of this UGC.

Category Introduction

The Indian snacks market size reached INR 38,603 Crore in 2022 and is expected to reach INR 70,731 Crore by 2028. With the snack industry in the country growing at a rapid speed, the competition in the market has grown as well. With health concerns at the heart of every consumer’s concern, the growth of healthy snacking has seen a rise too.

Brand Introduction

Too Yumm! is a snack brand that offers various delicious and flavorful snacks, with keeping health at the core of the brand’s values. Their snacks are known for their unique taste and masaledaar flavour, making them a favourite among snack enthusiasts. With a focus on taste and health, Too Yumm! has become a go-to snack brand for those who want to satisfy their taste buds without feeling guilty about their snack choices.


The objective of the Too Yumm! influencer campaign was to engage with the target audience and create buzz around the brand. To achieve this, the campaign leveraged social media influencers, popular music, and the brand’s core message of turning mundane situations into exciting ones. The campaign aimed to create a viral challenge on social media and gain traction across various platforms.

By creating a viral challenge, the brand aimed to achieve maximum reach, generate user-generated content, and create a strong brand recall among the audience.


Too Yumm!, a brand that offers tasty and masaledaar snacking options, sought to increase engagement with its target audience by using Saregama’s vast music library and with that, Too Yumm! aimed to create a unique brand experience for its customers.

Creative Idea

The campaign was based on the idea that Too Yumm! Karare snacks can add a masaledaar twist to any situation, making it more fun and exciting. The campaign leveraged the extensive music library of Saregama and the popularity of Virat Kohli to create a dance challenge that encouraged the audience to showcase how biting into a Karare snack can instantly uplift their mood and make any situation more fun.

To amplify the challenge, the brand created a special Karare Beats Filter that featured 4 peppy songs. The audience was given a choice to select one song and create a video of themselves changing a mundane situation by simply biting into the masaledaar taste of Too Yumm! Karare. The 4 songs were remixed with Too Yumm!’s popular track “Karara Hogaya” to further show the transformation from boring to fun.

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The UGC campaign was kickstarted by Virat Kholi, who challenged the audience to match his ‘Karare Moves’ using the remixed beats made by the brand for the challenge. To gain maximum attraction and engagement, the challenge would also ensure the winner an exclusive signed bat by Virat himself.

The brand also used a short-form video app, Josh, to further their reach with this UGC campaign. To create buzz and attract the audience, the brand roped in creators like Sana Sultan, Bhavin Bhanushali, Noorin Sha, and Noor Afshan to create their own videos and encourage their followers to participate in the challenge.

Celebrities like Rithvik Dhanjani and Punit Punjabi collaborated with the brand as well, to spread the word on Instagram.

The brand used the growing trend of viral audio on social media platforms and tried to engage with the audience and attract new consumers towards the brand.


The brand received over 3K+ entries for the dance challenge on various social media platforms. The campaign was a huge success, garnering over 307Million+ views with a 28 million plus reach and 22.6 million engagements across platforms which helped create brand awareness and reach. The campaign was successful in achieving its objectives and helped the brand in gaining a strong foothold in the snack market.

The brand also received a lot of user-generated content, which helped in creating brand awareness and reach. The campaign successfully achieved its objectives and helped the brand gain a strong foothold in the snack market.

Commenting on the campaign, Yogesh Tewari, Vice President, Marketing, RPSG Group said, “We have always believed in reaching out to our consumers in the most unique & contemporary ways possible and what could have been a better time to leverage the ever-growing love of our target audiences for music and dance. We aim at establishing Too Yumm! Karare as a mood transformer owing to its masaaledar taste and refreshing crunch. The Too Yumm! Karare Beats challenge was kick-started by our brand ambassador Virat Kohli and has to date reached approximately 28 million audiences and has received an overwhelming response from across. Our intent with Too Yumm! is to always add masala to the everyday monotony.”