Social Media Campaign Review: Sony Xperia Z1 Promotes its Premium Camera Feature with Through The Lens Campaign

sony xperia through the lens campaign

It seems like Sony has taken the well known adage ‘once bitten twice shy’ very seriously, since they have taken all possible steps to avoid the mistakes that almost drove the company out of the mobile sector. And one of their concerted efforts in that direction is the launch of the sleek premium Xperia range of phones and promoting the premium attribute of its products. The Japanese conglomerate has done the same for its new Xperia device – Sony Xperia Z1.


The main objective of the current campaign is to show off the power of the camera that Sony Xperia Z1 possesses, and by doing so the brand mainly intends to attract that section of consumers who buy a phone based primarily on the quality of its camera, which is actually a huge percentage.


To drive home the point, Sony has chosen 4 photographers to film 4 different Indian cities (Bengaluru, Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai) over a span of 4 weeks, which was posted on a dedicated website that Sony has created for the purpose. The participants would then have to choose the best photographs they had taken, which captured the essence of the city.

If a participant’s choice of photographs matches that of the photographer’s, then the participant will stand a chance to win Sony’s latest release, the Sony Xperia Z1.

sony xperia through the lens campaign


In a segment driven largely by camera-quality, Sony has done a remarkable job in coming up with this campaign idea, as well as the way in which it has been executed. The campaign does not only engage its audience, but also created an instant offline buzz through the photographers who captured the images.

And by including a mandatory Facebook sign-up to participate in the contest, the brand has infused virality in the contest, which was developed  further by the addition of a Facebook and a Twitter button on each image.

The design of the contest was also up to the mark. Sony seldom disappoints on the design front, and the contest terms were also simple and well laid.

Scope for Improvement

There is very little scope for improvement, not just in the way it has been designed, but also in terms of its execution. The only things that are conspicuous by their absence, are the Instagram and Pinterest buttons beside the Facebook and Twitter buttons on each image.


Sony has done as remarkable a job with the “Through The Lens” campaign for Sony Xperia Z1, as it has done with its devices, even during this second, and probably the superior, inning.


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