Social Media Case Study : Revlon India “Celebrity Moments” Campaign

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Vml Qais

Objectives :

Revlon launched 3 new products ( Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream, Revlon PhotoReady Mascara and Revlon PhotoReady Kajal) in the PhotoReady range along with the re-launch of the entire range in India.

The objective was to re-promote and grow the PhotoReady franchise in the market with special focus on the 3 new products and thus increase the sales of the range.

We needed to communicate the unique technology of the range as well as the resultant benefit to the user and simultaneously create an aspirational connect between the brand and consumers.

Challenges :

The innovative technology of the PhotoReady range enables light to bend in a way that it minimizes the flaws and provides self-focus with light application, thus, giving a perfect air-brushed look, just like celebrities.

The challenge was to establish a platform that would bring together the product USPs and the brand beliefs.

 Idea :

The idea was to not only highlight the product’s unique technology but also communicate the bold glamour the brand embodies. Therefore, we led with ‘Celebrity Moments’ as the central theme.

With PhotoReady products, women can always be paparazzi ready – just like celebrities!

The central theme, Celebrity Moments created a connection between the benefit of the product and what Revlon, as a brand stands for. We brought this alive through several interwoven activities.

 Execution :

The campaign started with #CelebrityMoments Tips that were image posts talking about tips on how to always be PhotoReady. These went well with the product’s unique quality of giving women an air brushed look. We posted the following Tips

  • Revlon #CelebrityMoments Tip #1: Smile!
  • Revlon #CelebrityMoments Tip #2: Wear those sunnies with pride!
  • Revlon #CelebrityMoments Tip #3: Accessorize.
  • Revlon #CelebrityMoments Tip #4: Be Confident!

The tips encouraged our fans to be more stylish and provided exciting content for them to engage with.

To further establish ‘Celebrity Moments’ as the central theme, there were image posts that gave our fans a sneak peek into a celebrity's lifestyle. The posts ranged from what food celebrities like to eat to their favorite holiday destinations.

This helped bring the theme alive to our fans.

Tips and Look Charts

Revlon India’s Beauty expert, Bianca Hartkopf created various Looks using the 3 Hero products of the PhotoReady range for our fans to try out. She also shared tips on how to use the PhotoReady products for the best results. This involved actual application of the products and served to inspire fans to try out different looks.

Twitter Contest

To encourage our Twitter followers, we ran a conteston Twitter , where followers were asked to tweet a photograph of themselves which defined the perfect #CelebrityMoments in their lives, one where they turned an ordinary moments into something special.

The Twitter contest was promoted on our Facebook page as well to leverage our 600,000+ fan base.

The followers with the best entries won samples of the PhotoReady range of products.

Blogger Outreach

Top Beauty bloggers were contacted and were introduced to our product and campaign. They were sent product samples from our PhotoReady range to try out for themselves.

We received a lot of positive reviews from the bloggers which were then featured on our page's specially created PhotoReady templates.

These reviews acted as testimonials and the bloggers acted as brand advocates who encouraged trial within their followers

“Celebrity You” Facebook Application and Contest

The ‘Celebrity You’ Facebook Application was the central component of the campaign.

It served as not only the entry into a huge contest but also gave fans a taste of the celebrity life. Through the App, fans could virtually have their photo mounted on a street hoarding, billboard or a magazine cover.

How It Worked

Fans could pick a template and one of the 3 Hero products of the PhotoReady range and upload their picture. Their photo appeared on the chosen template with the selected PhotoReady product branded on the image

They could then share their photo with their friends as well as download it to use it as their Display picture .They were asked to fill an entry form for the contest and share their idea about the perfect ‘Celebrity Moment’. On offer was an all-exclusive photo-shoot with one of India’s biggest Celebrity photographers, Anushka Menon.

It brought the product and the proposition of #CelebrityMoments together in a seamless and effective manner and created positive buzz for not only the product but also the brand at large.

To highlight the USP of the PhotoReady range, the celebrity photographer also shared Tips on how to be Photo ready with our fans and this created exciting content for our fans.

Throughout the campaign there were several posts to highlight the Hero products USPs and the various shades they were available in.

 Result :

Our Fan Base grew by 83,040 fans on Facebook and the no. of followers on Twitter almost doubled from 4,382 to 7,466.

We had over 400 fans taking part in our Facebook App Contest from all over India.

A total of 402,680 interactions were noted for this campaign (this includes clicks, likes, shares, comments and other clicks).

The campaign saw an Engagement Rate of 22%.

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