Facebook’s Nearby Friends Feature to be Launched On Android and IOS Soon


Of late, Facebook has been busy making frequent updates and announcements in order to ramp up the social networking experience of its users. It has announced the roll out of a new feature called “Nearby Friends” which lets you discover friends nearby or the ones on the go. This is an optional feature, which in case turned on, will notify you when your friends are nearby, in case you wish to meet up. For example, if you are headed for a certain restaurant, this feature will identify your friends close to you so that you can plan a meet or get in touch with them. You can turn this off at any point of time.

facebook nearby friends feature

Sharing with Nearby Friends works in two ways i.e. you and your friend will both have to turn this feature on and choose to share with each other to be notified when you are nearby. Therefore, your friends will only be able to see you if you have shared your location info with them and vice versa.

fb nearby friends

Also, what‘s more interesting is that you can also choose a precise location with particular friends for a set period of time, say for the next hour. Once the location is shared, your friend will be able to locate you exactly on the map and meet you accordingly. You can also see if any of your friends are travelling to a nearby city or place, provided they are sharing their location with you. You can also send out recommendations about a certain place where you have already been.

nearby friends

Nearby Friends is a handy feature that enhances the Facebook experience of the user and is very convenient on the move. It will be available on Android and iPhone in the U.S. over the coming weeks.