Social Media Campaign Review:’s ‘Treasure Hunt’ Contest Lures People To the Website


The shopping portal regularly offers discounts and deals on its site. But this time it came up with an exciting contest to lure people to its site. They want more followers and with this contest they are sure to get some.

Also, has tied up with a few fashion brands, that it houses, for this campaign. The questions were on those brands to promote them.

Execution had launched a dedicated website for the Treasure Hunt Contest. The one-day contest went live at 00.00 Hrs on 27th Mar’14 and ended on midnight.


To play the game, you were required to register with your email id.

Treasure Hunt (Myntra )

The game had 7 levels and you were asked one simple multi-choice question at each level. Each question had 4 options. You just had to pick the right one.


If your answer was correct, you were asked to enter a code from They guided you to the relevant page, where the code was highlighted in yellow. Every right answer (along with the code) could fetch you a prize.

American Tourister

If you were able to complete all the 7 levels successfully, you were eligible for the grand prizes through a lucky draw that would be announced on 29th March.

Treasure Hunt (Myntra )

Promotion on Social Media Platforms


The rules required you to share your game results on Facebook and/or Twitter in order to promote the contest. The Facebook page was active in promoting the contest as well as in responding to followers regarding the contest.

Twitter: did not leave any stone unturned to promote the Treasure Hunt contest on their Twitter page. They tweeted up a storm as a prelude to the contest. No wonder the #MyntraTreasureHunt was trending all day long the day before the contest.

Myntra twitter trends


What I liked about this campaign was that it was not a regular ‘Write something nice about us or tag maximum friends and win a prize’ campaign. Here, the players were required to answer questions, however simple, in order to win prizes. People love a good challenge and get a high when they are able to win it.

The rules were clear and easy to understand.

There were assured prizes like discount vouchers for each player which was a huge plus. With the completion of each level the player won a prize which was a big motivation booster. The questions were multi-choice, thus making it easier for players to answer. Also, the player was not required to finish the game in one go. Even if he/she quit it half way, he/she could always save it and come back to continue from where he/she had left off. This one sure earned them some extra brownie points from me.

Scope for improvement

The start of the contest saw a few hiccups. The Treasure Hunt page was reeling under the pressure of sudden traffic. At 00:00 hrs of 27th March, the Treasure Hunt Contest page was slow to load. Many users experienced problems while submitting the Treasure Hunt Code at the 7th, they got stuck at the ‘Submit’ button of 7th.

In future, they should also aim for better technology support to handle the traffic. Players were flooding Facebook and Twitter with cries for help, but at midnight there was no support system to answer their queries. Engaging a support system for answering queries at this time would have assured the players.

Though the site on completing the 7th level clearly stated that the winner would be announced on 29th March, the Social Media support staff replied on their Facebook page that the winners would be announced on 28th March. Due to this ambiguity, there were lots of queries on the Facebook page regarding the announcement date.

All the channels should have uniform information to avoid confusion.


Though the questions kept changing every time the user played the contest, the codes stayed the same. Hence, there was free sharing of codes on the social media platforms.

Tamilnadu residents were not allowed to participate in the contest. No reason was given which didn’t go down very well with the residents


This was a well-organized campaign. The makers of this contest knew exactly what they were doing and have succeeded in executing it well. The prizes were huge and so there was a definite buzz around it. Looking at the flood of posts on the Facebook wall and feeds on the Twitter page of,’s Treasure Hunt campaign certainly was a huge success.