When Fortune created the magic of home cooked food through content marketing

When away from home, the most vivid memory is of the freshly ground masalas and boiling dal from the kitchen. That longing for home cooked food metamorphosed into a tangible emotion through digital storytelling – Fortune cooks up ‘Ghar Ka Khana’ magic again.

Fortune commenced its Ghar Ka Khana legacy on social media when the digital video commercials trend began shaping up. Since then the brand has maintained a regular supply of quality content.

Fortune & Content Marketing

A dadi who wouldn’t give up on feeding his ailing grandson some home cooked dal – the four minute long digital ad film was far from boring.

While the previous ad film took storytelling to an all new level, Fortune came back this mothers’ day with a twist in technique. Narrating real life experiences through its Mother Exchange programme, Fortune subtly makes you a part of the conversation.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, Fortune announced its initiative through the launch of video narrating a tale of two mothers who contact each other through the Mother Exchange programme to make sure that their sons get home cooked food.

Timing the release of the video with Mothers’ Day, the campaign follows a strategic content marketing route. Fortune banks on influencer marketing, with leading content creators such as The Logical India and Kulzy speaking about the Mother Exchange video.

Feeble social media marketing nexus 

While the video garnered instant popularity across social networking sites, Fortune and Ogilvy were not seen doing much to ride on the wave. Official page of the brand used #FortuneMotherExchange to create engagement, but that seemed to be the limit of it.

Additionally, Fortune promoted Mother Exchange through its official WAP site, allowing mothers to sign up and leverage.

Parting words

Connecting the pining for home cooked food into a thought provoking piece of communication works extremely well for the brand. However, lack of follow up social media activities threatens loss of plot since the campaign was launched considerably prior to Mothers’ Day.

If content marketing was the only parameter, the campaign would’ve scored well. Nonetheless, a good piece of content is always welcome.