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About the tool!

LocoBuzz is an Analytics based Integrated Marketing platform, which enables brands to Listen, Analyze and Engage with the right target audience across all digital platforms.

LocoBuzz facilitates multiple social profile management, Social media listening, social media engagement, social CRM, detailed social media analytics and ‘actionable insights’. With powerful features like multiple sentiment analysis and robust reporting system, LocoBuzz empowers the brands to get an in-depth performance analysis acrossentire digital ecosystem including key channels like – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, News, Blogs Discussion Forums etc

LocoBuzz provides automated reports so that the brands can evaluate their performance very objectively and take corrective measures as required. We work with our clients to provide answers to questions like – what is the general sentiment of my brand in the market?Who are my influencers?When are they engaging wit the brand? What are they saying about my brand?What are the perceived positive and negative aspects of my business – what do I need to do to change this perception? What kind of content usually works with my target audience?

LocoBuzz also provides customized reports, industry specific channels and powerful feature-set which makes it a one-stop shop for monitoring the digital buzz and engaging with the customers directly through dashboard for multiple social profiles, rather than navigating between multiple digital channels.

Lastly, our response management engine is optimized in a way that enables a quick turn around time (TAT) using our inbuilt escalation matrix that connects all the key stakeholders through single dashboard itself.






Who founded the product/company?

Vishal Agarwal founded LocoBuzz in 2012. A GIS enthusiastat heart, LocoBuzz started with the simple idea of collecting the Digital Buzz and representing it on a map. Over a period of time various channels and features were added into it to address the real problems that brands face on a daily basis and helping brands smartly use digital platforms for client acquisition and cross selling.

What platforms does it cover?

LocoBuzz provides coverage for the entire digital spectrum which not only includes social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Google+ but other digital channels as well like News, Blogs, Discussion Forums, Complaint Websites. We will be releasing LinkedIn very shortly.

We also provide listening for customizedIndustry specific channelsin the dashboard as per the brand’s requirement.

Features of the tool?

LocoBuzz is an end-to-endonline reputation management platform, which provides user with simple yet intuitive dashboards that help in increasing their efficiency by showing information relevant to them. LocoBuzz also facilitates quick turn around using system-generated alerts to all key stakeholders. Some of our key features are:
• Role based dashboards
• Multiple sentiment analysis
• In-depth analytics and insights on brands and competition
• Customized workflow and reports
• Campaign Management

What analytics support does the tool provide?

Majority of social media analytics tools provide brands with good-to-know information that may not be actionable at all. While this information provides insights on macro level, it hardly ever gets translated into corrective actions or implementations. LocoBuzz addresses this by providing information in easy to use, intuitive dashboards where none of the business intelligence gets diluted, thanks to our multiple sentiment analysis feature.
LocoBuzz tracks social media mentions on real time basis and provides insights on key influencing factors for buying a product/service. Brand can analyze their entire sales cycle by:
• Identifyingcustomer pain points during the pre-sale process
• Key concern area faced by customers during after-sales
• Analyzing brand strategies and measure impact of your social marketing campaigns
LocoBuzz also helps to identify and manage both positive and negative influencers for the brand. Our real time tracking and response management also allows for an efficient Crisis management.

Does it give an option to download reports?

Yes, LocoBuzz allows the reports to be downloaded in Word, PDF and excel format. We also allow any of the graphs available on the dashboards to be downloaded in PNG, JPEG, Vector formats. Our team works closely with the brands to understand their specific requirements and create custom reports for them, which can be configured for periodic auto-delivery.

What kind of sentiment analysis does it do and how accurate is it?

Machine based sentiment analysis is driven primarily byalgorithms, that do not provide more than 75% accuracy. To increase the accuracy manual intervention is required which can increase accuracy as high as 95%.

What’s the algorithm for sentiment analysis?

LocoBuzz deploys NLP for the sentiment analysis.

What are the brands/agencies that are using this tool?

Some of the marquee clients in the field of hospitality, automobile and BFSI industry are using LocoBuzz for their ORM. We also have an agency model where our platform is used by various world-class agencies to provide reputation management to their clients. Some of our agency partners are SMG Convonix, Interactive Avenues, Maxus, Jack in the Box worldwide.

Pricing & Packages:

LocoBuzz offer a monthly subscription model where brands and agencies provide monthly retainer for accessing the dashboards. Our Pricing is based upon volume of mentions and number of profiles to be tracked for a given brand. Pricing is commensurate to the customizations required and whether competition tracking is also requested.

Road Map:

Digital Marketing space is evolving very rapidly in India and brands are getting increasingly interested in not just simple reputation management but seeking intelligent insights for customer engagement and customer retention. LocoBuzz addresses this very effectively.

We see a clear need blurring of email, Social and CRM in near future. We are in process of developing an integrated marketing platform, which will completely revolutionize the market by providing powerful consumer insights to the brands and streamline the lead generation process by tracking simple interactions on Social media channels. It’s a two pronged approach which empowers brand with detailed data about their customers in form of social CRM which will eventually tie up with a 360 degree marketing approach that will enable the brands to understand user behavior and interact with the consumers in a more personalized manner. We are really excited about the direction we are taking which will position LocoBuzz as a significant marketing platform in India in coming years.

We have ambitious plans for our product growth and expansion and upcoming months will help fructify a lot of our new ideas.

The Team

Vishal Agarwal – Founder Director
Shubhi Agarwal – Business Head
Donica Trivedi – Senior business development manager
Srestica More – Creative Head
Nidhi Rana – Digital Strategist
Vigya Gupta – Social media Marketing manager

Are you hiring?

Yes we are!