A quick read on YouTube’s latest updates

Sukaina Meghani
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A quick read on YouTube’s latest updates

Change in YouTubes user interface

Things on YouTube have changed slightly, in case you didn’t notice. It now has a transparent video player on its web interface from today. The controls are not placed at the bottom of the video and they disappear after a second or two of inactivity. This update was long due; they were testing this since April 2015.

They confirmed that the update was globally available from today on Twitter for all the browsers; the users will now be able to see this update.

YouTube 3D

YouTube now wants to make a push into virtual marketing by using 3D, 360-degree video. It is not available yet, but they have promised for more details on their Twitter handle. 


No more buffering

YouTube Offline feature is beneficial for people who don’t have a data plan. YouTubers can buffer the video and can watch it later. They will not have to go through the buffering process again. It’ll be plain-sailing for people commuting in trains and busses to use YouTube which in turn will increase YouTube users.

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