Social Samosa Agency Feature – Hinduja Global Solutions Interactive

Who are we?

We are a team of digital experts who understand consumer interactions and build stories for an Omni channel experience across multiple devices. This combined with our DNA in CRM and Technology drives incremental results for our clients. We are just not another digital marketing agency, but bridge the gap between CRM and digital marketing.

What’s in the name?

Hinduja Global Solutions Interactive is part of the Hinduja Group and we derive the rest of our name from the scale at which our services operate. The world may have become a smaller place but our ideas are bigger than ever and we capitalize on the ever-growing digital space by blending design with technology, data and analytics to provide our clients with interactive solutions.

What we do?

Strategy & Consulting, Digital Marketing, Digital CX and Social CRM are our strongest suits and we excel at them all. We’re currently working on making modesty a strong suit too, but that may take a while.

Why we do it?

There’s nothing we love more than sitting down with a cuppa and having parallel conversations while brainstorming every other day. Or no, actually, there is one thing that we like slightly more and that is our idea’s going live on the clients home page.

How we evolve?

We kept trying a plethora of methods and ways to break the wall on digital platforms and eventually stumbled upon a few formulae we guard closer than we do grandma’s recipes of butter chicken and biryani!

In all seriousness, in our quest to be the best, we stumbled across the fact that understanding online consumer interactions is the key to the future. And it’s a philosophy we live by.

We meet new people, we brainstorm, and we make it our business to keep track of the current trends and technologies, and closely follow emerging studies on areas we think have immense promise for growth.

Social responsibility in social media

Trust us when we say that we hate spam as much as anybody else. Digital platforms and social media have traditionally been a place to catch up with the latest, network, connect with loved ones, etc. and businesses usually make a mistake by taking too direct an approach or too blatant a campaign while advertising on these platforms. We enable powerful consumer interactions for our clients, so that they can plan the right interventions on social media.

Need of the hour

The whole point of digital is to be interactive, so putting rigid rules is like putting a bell on a bull. Based on our experience, apart from privacy policies; mentions and instances which have a political background, sensitive nature and usage of foul language should be monitored and moderated. Moral guidelines need to be crowd sourced and managed subtly keeping your community in mind.

We learned the hard way

If an idea is excellent, push through to make it work. Few things prick more, when an idea cannot be executed due to circumstances and then a few years later, we see someone else executing it for the same client. This showed us, we need to be very competitive and agile.

Did we just share that?

We used to produce design creative for a client’s website, and they once decided that we need to use more bright colours in our creatives. We told them it would resemble a 70’s disco ball and moreover, clash with the main theme, but to no avail. Fast forward to a week later when the client calls up distressed saying their users have been complaining that the website now gives them a migraine and could we please change it back!

They work/worked with us

We’re proud to have partnered with several prestigious clients, here are a few:

BFSI Industry – Indusind, HSBC, HDFC, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Tata AIA, Fullerton India, etc.

Hospitality Industry – Dish Hospitality, The Park Hotels, The Leela etc.

Oil & Gas + Automotive Industry – Gulf Oil, Ashok LeyLand, etc.

Lifestyle Industry – Carrot Banana Peach, Eric Javits, aKoma, etc.

FMCG Industry – Berger Paints, Unilever, etc.

Media Industry – Leading National Entertainment Network, UTV, In Digital, Zee TV, etc.

Infrastructure Industry – K Raheja, etc.

Corporate Industry – Aditya Birla, etc.

Healthcare Industry – P. D. Hinduja Hospital, Hinduja Healthcare, etc.

Industry as we foresee

Digital as we know is now an integrated part of marketing and that’s because of the shift in consumer behaviour. So the way industry is shaping is to create seamless experiences for consumers, rather than managing digital touch points. We now see more integrated campaigns, offline and online; where digital is a catalyst, connecting interactions, visuals and consumers.

A day without Internet

Just can’t breathe!!!

Lastly, are you hiring?

YES! We are always looking for troublemakers.