Vodafone ties its on ground Ramadan initiative digitally

Vodafone India

During the holy month of Ramadan, prayers are integral part of observing a Roza, and prayer timings are very strictly followed by Muslims. To form a strong connect with their Muslim subscribers this Ramadan, Vodafone India introduced a customized pocket card with prayer timings for Ramadan and got their vendors to share their sentiment about it through a video.

The pocket card also carried information about special Vodafone offers for the month of Ramadan under their broad ‘Unlimited Sharing Unlimited Caring’ campaign, and was created keeping in mind that the pocket card would be carried by their Muslim subscribers since it carries prayer timings, generating a strong brand recall for Vodafone India.

Intended to distinguish their brand from their competitors, Vodafone India’s brand ethos are reflected under the values that the month of Ramadan represents, of sharing and caring.

The innovative initiative was appreciated by a lot of people and received a lot of positive feedback. The pocket card is being distributed through retailers, Vodafone stores and outside Mosques. The company is also taking their relationship with their Muslim subscribers one step further by organizing Iftaar parties for their retailers to ensure maximum reach and awareness.

The brand has managed to tie up their on ground initiatives to digital with an effective video.