AIDS awareness campaigns transmitting facts & treating stigma

Paawan Sunam
Dec 01, 2020 04:06 IST
AIDS awareness campaigns transmitting facts & treating stigma

Creativity may not be able to fight a virus, but it can fight ignorance, myths, and preconceived notions. These AIDS Awareness Campaigns combat this infectious disease that claims around a million lives each year.

Along with scientific discoveries and medicinal advancements, creative campaigns have also heavily contributed to curbing outbreaks of infectious diseases. AIDS Awareness Campaigns are a few of such initiatives that have helped in keeping mankind well-informed during the aftermath of the HIV outbreak.

In India itself, one of the most iconic and effective campaigns has been executed by Population Services International, India, and Lowe Lintas for Operation Lighthouse, an HIV/AIDS prevention programme.

Balbir Pasha became the person no one wanted to be, at a time when sex was a taboo, sex workers were untouchables (outside closed doors), and the target audience was as ignorant as a rock. We have seen several such campaigns emerge around the world, fighting a common enemy.

Holiday Tips From Angry AIDS created by dynamo&son, is an animated campaign with a voiceover busting myths around the proximity that can be maintained with an infected person, especially during the holiday season.

&has_verified=1" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener" aria-label="Kiss (opens in a new tab)">Kiss, an advert revolving around coming out and covering up is a part of the series of campaigns from We The Brave, a sexual health initiative by Anova Health Institute and the Elton John AIDS Foundation, that is subjected to men who have sex with men (MSM).

Sir Elton John, an iconic and legendary singer-songwriter, at an International Aids Conference mentioned "By all rights, I shouldn't be here today. I should be dead – six foot under in a wooden box. I should have contracted HIV in the 1980s and died in the 1990s, just like Freddie Mercury, just like Rock Hudson. Every day I wonder, how did I survive?"

He believes science and money alone would not be enough to end the epidemic. we all need compassion for the stigmatized, the disease grows stronger with the hate and indifference that is fueled by society against AIDS patients. "All it takes is a bit more funding and a bit more understanding. All it takes is dialogue".

Change The Face Of HIV by ViiV Healthcare crosses swords with this stigma against people living with HIV that deal with isolation and discrimination that often leads to a lack of diagnosis and care. The campaign's ingenious use of imagination is able to portray an effective message.

More campaigns tap the potency of creativity to create a social impact and solve problems that science cannot solve.

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Change The Face Of HIV - ViiV Healthcare

Balbir Pasha Ft. Nawazuddin Siddiqui - PSI

Holiday Tips From Angry AIDS - Positiiviset Ry HIV Finland

Keep Fighting against AIDS - Sidaction

The Vanishing - Scotiabank

Viral Video - Radio Mix FM

Rock the Ribbon - National AIDS Trust

PSA Ft. Rahul Dravid - UNICEF

Kiss - Anova Health Institute & The Elton John AIDS Foundation

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AIDS Is A Mass Murderer - das committee

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