#SocialThrowback2020: Must-watch Social Samosa videos for marketing takeaways from 2020

Social Samosa
Dec 20, 2020 21:20 IST
Social Samosa Videos

Here are the videos from the house of Social Samosa for A&M professionals who want to gain insights from industry stalwarts and brand custodians, and gauge the impact of the pandemic on the year that was.

Social Samosa fulfills its foremost purpose of bridging the knowledge gap that grew wider during the pandemic with enlightening sessions and discussions by marketing mavens and videos featuring experts from various sectors.

In an increasingly disconnected world, it is all the more significant to stay connected with the real-world happenings and circumstances that might impact one's line of work and their industry.

Although, the year has been overwhelming enough and is always accompanied by the burden of functioning as 'business as usual'. The comprehension of these experts supported with rational judgments can give A&M professionals, the pot of knowledge required.

This year also marks the returning season of our marquee property #TheSocialCMO, featuring marketing leads of a few of the biggest brands, throwing light on how COVID-19 changed the brand's marketing strategy.

'The New Normal' is a series of panel discussions categorized sector-wise, to give marketing professionals a deeper insight into their industry and the effect and solutions to problems created by the pandemic.

Watch through more of such videos filling the knowledge gap.

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If we have missed out on any of your favorite videos from Social Samosa, write to us at or let us know in the comments below.

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